What is the best dog food to feed a pit bull, a question you may have asked yourself if you own a pit bull! It’s certainly a question that I asked myself before I bought my pet, it wasn’t a pit bull, but the question is quite common among new dog owners.

Pit bulls are a rare breed of dogs, developed originally for blood thirsty sports such as dog fighting, known for their high energetic and ferocious behavior, people have now started buying or raising them as pets. Pit bulls look frightening, with their muscular appearance, wide jaw bones and brick like heads, but like any pets, they need a well-balanced diet, rich in proteins and carbs and essential vitamins for them to grow healthy.

Because of the size of these canines, their food diet is different from normal dogs. Known for high energy and it’s body size, here are some tips on what is the best dog food to feed a pit bull.

Little puppy pit bulls are more susceptible to diseases and should be fed with premium quality dog food that meet the nutritional breed requirements. Most vets will recommend that pit bull puppies are fed with a raw diet or dry kibble, though wet food that has meat and water is also an option as a last resort. Puppy pit bulls don’t react too well to these wet foods and can sometimes cause teeth damage. Dog food with enriched proteins in usually the best choice of food for very young pit bull puppies.

If you have an adult pit bull and are looking for recommendations on what is the best dog food to feed a pit bull, you can simply ask your local vet. They should be able to help you plan the right food diet. The type of food you feed will also largely depend on the type of breed you have. It is highly recommended that an average sized pit bull consume around 25 ounces of a well-balanced meal monthly. This well-balanced meal should be rich in proteins and should meet the specific nutrients of each individual dog.

So what is the best dog food to feed a pit bull?

- Dry Dog Food – the cheapest and most economical type of food. But don’t let this fool you, there are premium dry foods available too, these premium foods contain anything from duck to bison meat. Plenty of different brands to choose from, most popular brands happen to be the Wellness and Artemis one’s.

- Wet Dog Food – this is simply food that is made with meat and water, and is quite high in sugar level. Feeding your dog this type of food for an extended period could be harmful due to the prolonged exposure to sugar in its diet.

- Canned Dog Food – one of the safest and most widely available foods for pets. There are limitless supply of choices and brands to pick from, with Wysong and By Nature Organics being some of the popular brands for pit bull.What is the best dog food to feed a pit bull

Back to my original question on what is the best dog food to feed a pit bull, has this article confused you even further? It is my conclusion, and I say that with absolutely no experience is that a raw diet is probably the best and safest diet for a pit bull. Raw diets which mainly contain meats such as lean red meat, game meat such as deer, raw eggs, raw beef, raw turkey and even raw chicken bones help develop healthier skin and good digestive health.

I highly recommended that you visit your local vet to find out exactly what is the best dog food to feed a pit bull.