The Best Helmets

Choosing what bike to buy can be fun; the helmet, not so much. It is a necessary part of staying safe on a bicycle but is rarely something anyone wants to buy. Luckily, if you keep several factors in mind, it will be easy for you to select the best option. Some can even have a bit of style so you won't feel so bad putting one on!

What to look for

Safety - This is the most important factor, as this is what it is desgined for. However, it isn't something you really need to even worry about. All helmets sold in reputable stores need to pass the safety standards set for by US law. So any model you get will be just fine on this point! Just remember, it will not work properly if it does not fit you properly. Speaking of...

Fit - While your helmet might not be that great to look at, you can at least ensure that it fits properly.  Bicyle helmets are sized usually small to extra large, with each size having a corresponding measurement in inches/cm. To figure out your size, measure the circumference of your head at the widest point (usually slightly above your eyebrows) and use a helmet sizing chart online to make the conversion. Helmets often have the measurement range they will fit listed directly on the packaging/listing as well. Some helmets will say they are universal size, or universal women's size, but there is really no such thing. Helmets do generally come with padded inserts to help if it is slightly too large, but it is best to get one that naturally fits your head perfectly.

Type - There are several main types based on what kinds of activities you will be doing. There are general sport type helmets, which is what you think of typically when thinking of a bicycle helmet. These are reasonably priced and will work well for moderate biking and those who don't bike long distances. There are also mountain bike helmets, which are lighter (more cut outs) and generally have a visor as well. There are road bike helmets, for the serious cyclists. These are very lightweight and will be more expensive. Lastly, there are multi-use helmets generally used for skating and rollerblading, that have the typical skate helmet shape. 

Style -  Lastly, the style of your helmet is important. While they may not look great, a nice helmet can look good. While the shape of a helmet may not vary widely, there are some models that just look more streamlined. Many also come in a variety of colors to choose between. You can even pick your color out to match your bike!

Popular Choices - Still not sure where to start? Here are a couple of popular helmets with great reviews.

Giro Indicator Sport Helmet (Black/Charcoal Icons)
Amazon Price: $40.00 $39.00 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 4, 2013)
This is one of the most popular choices. It is even the style I own! If you aren't a super serious rider, this will work just fine. Its light enough, and is available at a great price. It doesn't look like anything fancy, but it is still pretty sleek for a helmet. It also includes a visor if you want one, or it can be removed. This is a basic model that has a good shape and is also available in many different colors.
Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet
Amazon Price: $34.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 4, 2013)
If you can't stand the look of a traditional helmet, or are planning on doing more skating than biking, this a great option. Teenagers are also much more likely to wear this style. This style actually provides more protection on the sides. This product has great reviews online and will provide a great, comfortable fit. Best of all it comes it a HUGE variety of colors and even graphic designs.