What is the best keyword tool for beginners?

...Free and paid tools

I think the answers to this question, and yes there are a couple, can be divided into two groups – tools that you pay for and tools that are free. At the end of the day, everybody wants something for nothing, and that’s great – but remember that you get what you pay for. That may be great when you’re just starting out, but if you want keyword research with substance, focus and real usable information, then you’ll be wanting to invest in a paid tool – like Niche Finder for example.

Free keyword tools for beginners

There are some out there, I think I even remember seeing a site that does some research for you when you input your search term. Of course there is always Google’s free Keyword Tool – something I was very familiar with when I started out, and before I bought Niche Finder. There’s even some free websites out there that seek to provide a bit of a forum for discussion and education around keywords for beginners.

If you’re lucky you may even catch some free profitable keywords from the discussion. There are some people around as well that offer lists keywords in exchange for services rendered like article writing or social bookmarking. The bottom line is, there are some free tools and resources out there, but they can be unreliable and are clearly not the best.

The best keyword tool for beginners

Just has to be Niche Finder, hands down. I looked around a lot when I started out here at InfoBarrel, and found lots of competition around in the keyword tool area. What I soon found though was the software available looked and sounded great, but confusing – way too confusing for me. So I kept looking and found Niche Finder. It was developed by Brad Callen, a guy with heaps of experience in the search engine optimization field and software design to support marketers and writers.

What makes Niche Finder so good is that all the confusing data and numbers aren’t thrown up on the screen under equally confusing headings – the information you are given is all great information presented in such a format so that it is easily understood. It’s ideal for a beginner because the software is easily used to its full capacity with little experience, and the interface is nice and uncomplicated. Niche finder does not compromise on the quality of the data though – all the hard work is done behind the scenes where it should be. In short, the beginner looking to get into keyword research should do so using a powerful, yet easy to use tool that will enhance their writing, not confuse it – and that is Niche Finder.