The best razor blade for manscaping

Manscaping, male grooming, shaving call it what you like but all men will have to shave their facial hair at some time or another.  When it comes to the wet shaving facial hair you can either use a disposable razor, a razor that takes disposable razor blades or a cut throat razor. A disposable razor is a total waste of time therefore the only real choice is between the cut throat razor and the razor that takes disposable blades.

Despite serving the same purpose both the cut throat razor and the razor that takes disposable razor blades are totally different and both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of a razor that takes disposable razor blades

A razor that takes disposable  blades is cheap. If you break the razor or it gets dirty and clogged up and is unhygienic to use you can simply buy a new razor handle for very little money. On the other hand, a cut throat razor is expensive and something you will not want to damage.

Unlike the blade of a cut throat razor, a disposable razor blade does not need to be sharpened, honed or run up and down a strop prior to use. When a disposable blade is blunt it is simply a case of throwing the blade away and replacing it with a new one.

A cut throat razor blade requires a lot of looking after to make sure it keeps giving a close and comfortable shave. As well as having to use a strop before every shave, and honing the blade when it gets blunt, you have to make sure the blade is kept immaculately clean. You need to protect the blade and make sure you don’t drop it, knock it or take bits out of it by being a bit heavy handed. A disposable blade doesn’t have to be treated with the same amount of care and attention, and if you do damage a disposable blade you can simply replace it.

Many disposable blade cartridges contain multiple blades. The individual razor blades are set at different angles so they cut the hair progressively closer to the root. Taking small amounts of hair of at a time results in a close and comfortable shave. The cut throat razor has a single razor blade therefore you may have to take multiple swipes in order to shave the hair, which is likely to result in more irritation. Multiple razor blade cartridges are made by many manufacturers including Wilkinson Sword and Gillete.

Many disposable razor blade cartridges have safety features built in, such as additional bars that will stop you cutting too much skin if you get a bit heavy handed when shaving. For example, the Wilkinson Sword Quattro blades has a number of thin strands of wire running perpendicular to the blades that serve as ‘stops’ when you press to hard. So instead of having a cut which would last the length of the swipe if you were using a cut throat razor, you only get a small nick if you use a Quattro razor blade.

A safety razor and blades. This is the choice of shaving equipment for many men, but is it the best? Some say yes and some say no. At the end of the day it is down to personal preference.

Safety razor and razor bladesCredit: yackers1

If a specific make, brand or type of disposable blade is not suitable for your skin, and creates razor bumps and ingrown hairs, you can easily change them for another type and it won’t cost a lot of money. If, after spending a lot of money on a cut throat razor, you have problems with the cut throat razor blade the only option is to swap to the razor and disposable blades or to an electric shaver. In any case, you would have lost a lot of money in buying not only the cut throat razor but also the accompanying leather strop. 

Disadvantages of a razor that takes safety disposable razor blades

Safety disposable blades are expensive, especially the multi blade cartridges, and are an ongoing cost. A cut throat razor blade is a one off purchase that will last many years, providing you look after it of course. A cut throat razor is a big one off investment cost, but in the long run it is way cheaper than using disposable blade cartridges, even when you consider the cost of buying a leather strop and all the honing costs you are going to incur.

Since a cut throat razor has a single blade it is much easier to clean off all the hair shavings, excess shaving gel and general debris of shaving. A disposable blade is far more difficult to clean and the more blades there are in the cartridge, the more difficult it is to get all the cut hair out. Rinsing and shaking a disposable blade cartridge is not enough to clean it and you will have to get a small implement and run it in between the individual blades.

The Dovo shavette. Not quite a cut throat razor but it is a straight styled razor that gives an close and comfortable shave.

A Dovo Shavette razorCredit: yackers1

In summary........

 So, is it best to buy a cut throat razor or a razor that takes disposable blades? The answer to this will depend. Each type of razor has its advantages and disadvantages and you need to weigh these up before making a decision. Each person is different and what is important to one person is not necessarily going to be important to another, so buying a cut throat razor or a razor that takes disposable blades is entirely down to personal choice.