The Krazy Kitty


I must confess that I admire the Hello Kitty product line and probably its marketing. They have such a huge audience and everyone I have spoken with about it is just crazy about it. To clarify, I have only spoken to females. The men I did mention it to, were as ignorant about it all as me, and sort of shook their heads at me. But I digress. With products reaching into the auto industry even, you can find the Kitty on floor mats, seat covers, fuzzy dice, steering wheels covers...... it's endless. Which means, your cute little girls can decorate up YOUR car with a bunch of this stuff!!!


It's hard to find any fault with this crazy white cat with the red bow tie stapled to her ear, but perhaps it only lies with it being strictly a female market product. Or at least primarily a female market. But I truly don't think that matters.

Full Review

Somehow, over the course of the last 30 some years, I have been oblivious to this cultural phenomenom called Hello Kitty. She snuck in while I was asleep or simply not looking, and has captured the hearts of millions of girls and women world wide!

In doing a little personal research, I discover that this is a Japanese cartoon character that was created in 1974. It has been just a huge attraction in their country and ours for over 35 years now. It first debuted on a small coin purse, made of plastic I think. Now it adorns everything from clothing to auto accessories.

Over this time, Ms Kitty has also had a couple of TV shows, Furry Tale Theater and Hello Kitty & Friends. I'm sure it must be in reruns on Disney with any luck! I'll let you check that out!

I had a client awhile back who owned her own company. I'm in working with her one day and her Hello Kitty pen completely breaks. She is near hysteria, fighting back tears, performing the equivalent of open-heart surgery on her pen. Sadly, Pen does not survive. Being the ever-chivalros fellow, I do suggest a webstore I know that carries some Hello Kitty accessories. While they sadly don't have pens, they do have a lot of goodies that she hadn't seen before, and she makes it through! I still don't understand!!

In Closing

Most of the adult women that I have spoken to about Kitty, reflect fondly to their own childhoods, or that of their daughters. Getting their own little girls into Hello Kitty is kind of like guys buying that electric train for their infant son I think, so that Dad can play with it!!

Go get em Miss Kitty! ( funny, I do remember watching her on TV with Matt Dillon.... )