OK, first let me give you a disclaimer - I love Facebook. I'm addicted to Facebook. I use it practically all day, every day - I have fan pages, I leave comments for my friends, I use Facebook chat religiously - but most of all (since Facebook changed its system a few months ago to be in the 'Twitter style') I have become obsessed with funny Facebook statuses and updates. I change my Facebook status four or five times a day, and usually I do it so that I can get a reaction or a response from my friends. Why? Because I have nothing better to do...

Funny Facebook status

With that in mind, let me tell you about the four different types of funny Facebook status, that I have observed during my time online - and then you can decide which of them suits your Facebook style. I'm sure there is one!

Facebook status type one - The painfully obvious
Some people have a lot of friends on Facebook because they are very amusing people in real life. I am not one of those people (that's why I have to do my research before communicating with people) - but the only time you can be funny when you write about your daily life is if something terrible has happened to you. This type of status only works if you write something like 'I'm annoyed because I dropped the iron on my foot today' or similar. Avoid this type!

Funny Facebook status type number two - the wittier the better

Some people like to put witty or ironic phrases into their Facebook status, in order to get people to comment. The phrases don't need to be original (in fact they almost never are) but they are the type of one-liners which might go down well in a best man's speech or in a romantic comedy. There are fun, but can get old pretty quickly (and unless they are controversial, won't get much reaction).

Funny Facebook status type number three - soppy romance

This is the type of Facebook update message that people usually don't mean to be funny, but often are. I know I shouldn't laugh - but telling someone in public that 'you'll wait for them forever' is not romantic, it's attention-seeking.

Facebook status type four - The famous quote

Last and perhaps least, the favourite type of Facebook status from wannabe psychologists and philosophers is the famous quote. If Aristotle already said it once, why change it? Many people on my list like to use this kind of status update to (probably) try to bore people into ignoring them - and I usually do!

So that's the list, as you might have guessed the type of funny Facebook status that I always use is the witty one! They're fun, they make people think and most of all they make people 'like' your status and comment! That's what networking's all about!