Cold calling means different things to all of us but in its purest form it involves reaching out to people that we do not know with the hopes of forming a new relationship normally with commercial intent.  Most of us think of this term purely from a sales perspective which is natural because this is the industry that it is most commonly associated with.  The aim of this article is to try and dispel that now overly generalized perception and to use the example of cold calling from an internet marketers perspective to try and define cold calling in the modern world.

Cold Calling is not just knocking down doors

Through the eyes of the internet marketer

Cold calling from this perspective could mean reaching out to other people in the same industry to seek their perspective on a topical issue effecting their niche.  This fits within our definition above but has an important difference.  The commercial intent aspect is not the most essential priority of establishing the connection.  Looking at it from this lens offers a different perspective because it is far removed from the old internet service provider trying to sell their services image that is normally front of mind when envisaging what we mean for the words ”cold calling”  The other interesting aspect of examining it from this perspective it that it also shifts our generalization of cold calling as someone knocking on our door or the always popular telemarketer.  The evolution technology has led to new mediums and media available to the masses to make new connections.  Sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook are prime examples of this and when viewed through the eyes of an internet marketer is the far more likely way of reaching out to someone that they do not know then picking up the phone or knocking on the door.


So we can see through this simple example that the definition of a cold call has far outgrown the vacuum cleaner sales person going door to door and giving you his or her best spiel on why you need 2000 pounds of suction or some such useless feature.  In fact I hope that just by reading this you can begin to see that cold calling has a place in everyone’s life.  I think that we all reach out to unknown people to make a new connection with a commercial intent.  I am sure if you think about it through your own lens it will be easy for you to see for yourself.


What are some of your examples on how you use cold calling in your life based on the revised definition covered here?

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