I don’t think there is a woman in our modern society that can imagine her life without that little, colorful bottle with her favorite fragrance in it. Fragrance industry has created an extraordinary market with no binderies. So, when buying a product of this kind we get an endless variety of all shapes, sizes and flavors, so we might get easily confused.

Before going for types of fragrances, when you buy this type of product, you should know there are few categories available on the market: Perfume, Eau de Parfum and Cologne (Eau de Toilette) are the most important of them. These are what most people call “a perfume”. Their composition is almost the same: alcohol, water, flavor concentrate and different types of oils. The only difference between these products is the proportion of those ingredients that is being added.

The Perfume

Among other products, perfume is the most concentrated one, meaning it has a stronger smell and it lasts much longer than other products. It contains a lot of fragrant ingredients and oils. Also, you are likely to find a lot of natural extracts added in it. The main concentrate varies from 15 to 20 or even to 40 % in its composition. Perfumes are divided in Extraits, the type of perfume that has one dominating flavor, and Bouquets, when a perfume has several mixed flavors.  Perfumes are available on the market in bottles of 7 ml and 17 ml.

 Eau de Parfum

The third category of fragrance is Eau de Parfum. It’s the product we see in most commercials and which the majority of us buy from different brands. In its composition you can find 15 to 20 % concentrate, dissolved in 80% alcohol. This product has more added fragrances and oils than Cologne, so it is stronger and lasts more. It is available in bottles of different sizes. Common size is 50 ml, but there are also small sizes, specially created for your purse, and bigger sizes for men and women who use the same fragrance each day.

The Cologne

Although Cologne is frequently mistaken as a product only for men, real Cologne (or Eau de Toilette) was created for both genders’ usage. It contains only 6 to 12 % concentrate dissolved in 90% alcohol, so it isn’t as persistent as perfume or Eau de Parfum. It is less concentrated than other products because it was destined for a refreshing effect, not for a long-lasting one. Also it is cheaper than other fragrances because it contains more water. This kind of product you can apply on any part of your body, in any amount and every day. Most of Cologne, both for men and women, are available with a spray applicator, so it’s quite easy to use.

Although these are the main types of what we call “perfume”, there are other cosmetic products that contain a brand’s fragrance. It can be bath collection of soap, shampoo, shower gel, aftershave and deodorant. Using these products additionally to your favorite fragrance will increase its effect and it will help you to sense better the flavor.