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It is a shocking fact that we know the meaning of millions of words but ………..our own name is a mystery to us. Do you know the meaning of your name? Do your parents know it? The answer will most probably be …er….no.

It is the sunnah of our beloved Nabi sallalahu alihi wasallam to give a new born baby a good name.

It is reported that the prophet sallallaahu alihi wasallam said: “On the day of resurrection, you will be called by your names and by your fathers’ names, so give yourselves good names”. (Abu Dawood)

The name of a convert if it has a bad meaning or if it is a name belonging to the people of another religion then that name should also be changed. The name of his father, surname, will not be changed as it shows his lineage.

The best names for a Muslim are ABDULLAH (servant of Allah) and ABDURAHMAN (Servant of the most merciful) as these are two names that Almighty Allah loves most. Many Muslims err here, because nowadays people look for stylish name instead of meaningful names. And they lso make a mistake in the spelling.

Some mistakes I have seen myself as people name their children with stylish names that have devastative meanings; there is a man named MUFLIS in my neighborhood which means A BANKRUPT. (He has got his name changed recently Alhamdulillah).

I have heard of girls’ names such as MIKNASA meaning BROOM STICK.

ADNAA means disgraced.



FATHINA not FATHIMA means one who is corrupt.

NIAAL means slippers.

The list goes on. We should keep in mind that the name of the baby or anyone should not have a bad meaning in Arabic.

It is best to name someone with a sahabas or a sahabias name (names of the companions of Nabi sallallahu alihiwasallam)Eg. UMAR, UTHMAAN, ALI, ZAID, SALMAAN, KHADEEJA, AYESHA, SAFIYYA, MAIMOONAH, RAHMA Etc. or the names of prophets eg. MUHAMMAD, ISMAEEL, IBRAHEEM, YOUNUS,YUSUF, YAHYA, ISHAAQ Etc.

One other thing that we should keep in mind is the spelling of the name. In my country the lovely name MUHAMMED is spelt as MOHAMED. It is also pronounced like that, now tell me will the meaning remain the same if the spellings are different?

One should also make sure that we call out the name properly. My father is MUHAMMAD ISMAEEL.people have shortened it and calls him momismail.

We should always consult someone who is well versed in Arabic and if he is a scholar all the better. I have read that a man was named KHAIRUL BASHAR which means BEST OF MANKIND. Yes it does have a lovely meaning but only a scholar can tell you that such a name as KHAIRUL BASHAR can only belong to our beloved Nabi sallalahu alhiwassallam.

Never name a child with a name you have heard and don’t know the meaning and never ask someone who doesn’t know Arabic for the meaning. Even if your best friend tells that her daughter’s name has such and such a meaning it is always better to confirm with an scholar.

The Arabic pronunciation is different to most languages. The letters are pronounced using the beginning end and the middle of our throat. Some letters are very softly pronounced with the tongue placed on different areas of the mouth. So we should make sure that the name is not difficukt to pronounce and a name that is difficult to pronounce is always pronounced wrong the result more often than not being a wrong meaning.

The name KHADEEJA is never spelt like this. But that is the correct spelling is it always spelt kadija and pronounced like that.

The name Safa is pronounced like saw (the cutting tool) and far (distance) is pronounced fast. Is that the way we pronounce it?

So it’s always better not to use the difficult letters and to name a child with an easily pronounced name that is comfortable to our native language.

The names Salma, Zainab, Hafsa are easy to us.

Why should we take so much trouble in naming…your child will grow up to be what he is called. Tell your child to correct those who pronounce his/her name wrong. If the name that your child has is wrong then to change it you or the child once big have to go through long tiring procedure. And please do correct the teacher if she pronounces the child’s name wrong.

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