Dress code in an interview

If you are going for an interview then, along with your confidence it is very important to carry yourself well as well. It is quite obvious that you want to develop a great first impression in front of your employer. For that it is vital to keep the whole thing simple and smart. No matter how casual the ambiance is at your work place; try to look professional and smart while you dress up for an interview. It is quite obvious that a candidate dressed in suit and tie is ought to make a much better first impression on the interviewer than someone who is there in his pair of jeans and a tee-shirt.

 For men- Wear your suit and trousers in solid colors like navy blue, dark grey or black. Coordinate your suit with a long-sleeved shirt having a light and soothing color and completely avoid shocking colors. Make your look perfect by wearing black or dark brown smart leather or foam belt and a tie that matches with the whole look of yours. Tie up a perfect knot with your tie. Wear little or best no jewellery. Opt for a clean, simple and professional hairdo. If you have shaved just before leaving home for the interview then, limit the aftershave usage. Trim your nails short and clean and avoid using too much deodorant or cologne. This is to avoid the scent of your deodorant or cologne linger everywhere you go. Wear a pair of black conservative leather shoes. Carry a briefcase or a portfolio along with you.

 For women- You should also wear suits, trousers or skirts in solid colors like black, navy or dark grey. The skirt must be long enough so that you can sit comfortably as in such situations you can’t afford to get uncomfortable and unconfident. While choosing the blouse or formal skirts make sure that it co-ordinates well with your suit. It is advised to go for the lighter shades when you choose your blouse or shirt. Avoid wearing fashionable shoes and go for the conservative ones co-coordinating it with your outfit (preferably black or white in color). It important to limit the jewellery you wear on that day. Wearing no jewellery is better then wearing cheap jewelleries. Just avoid wearing dangling earrings and rather go for sophisticated studs and intricate pendants. Chunk jewelleries are a complete no-no. Opt for a professional hairdo along with minimal makeup. If you want to wear lipsticks or Nail polish, then wear them in nude colors only. Use a soothing and light-scented perfume. Make sure your nails are neatly manicured and trim them in even shapes and sizes. If you wear a pantyhose then wear them in a neutral color. Carry a briefcase or a port-folio along with you.

 If you have quite a many piercing on your ear or the visible part of your body then, it is better to leave your rings at home. Only a pair of earrings is advised (for Women only) to keep up with the rules of dressing up in an interview. Cover up your tattoos as much a possible.

 Following these tips will make you ready to create a great first impression in front of your employer. And look good to feel great.