Your wedding date is fast approaching, and you still do not have your dress. You're thinking I need a dress soon, but I do not know what type of gown will look best on my body. Fear not, I have a guide here to help you out! There are five main types of gowns. Each have their own characteristics, and distinct types of bodies that will fit perfectly into them.


The ball gown is among the most glamorous style of wedding dresses and it demands attention. If you want to look like a princess and have a fairytale wedding, this is your gown. The standard ball gown has a fitted top with a full shirt. If you want a defined waist, the ball gown can do just that.

The ball gown is generally best for slender and pear shaped bodies. The top shows off a narrow waist line, while the shirt can hide any unwanted curves or pounds. This is typically not the gown for large busted women. It can and will make them look wider then they really are. On the other hand, depending on your size, it can give you a perfect hour glass shape.


The A-Line gown is among the most flattering out of all of the wedding styles. This type of wedding gown is similar to the ball gown, except with a smaller shirt. It still has the fitted top, and flowing skirt. With the shirt being less full then the ball gown, it gives it the appearance of the letter A. It is tight on top and flows outward. The dress also boosts a seamless design. The bodice flows directly into the skirt. There are no lines that break up the two sections.

A-Line dresses work with many shapes and sizes. They work on both tall and short women, and can fit all body shapes. It can create curves where needed, and hide curves that you do not want to show. It is a great choice for any bride.


The sheath wedding gown is a gorgeous dress that flows down your body. It has a thin statuesque look to it. Any women wearing this type of gown will look amazing in it.

Typically the sheath style wedding gown is seen on taller women. It flows best on this type of body. They can be worn on both smaller sized women as well as larger set women. It typically looks best on a thinner body.


This silloute is becoming one of the most stylish choices available. It has become a very popular choice and can be seen at many different types of weddings. The dress sports a fitted style from the top through the waist. The bottom half of the dress flares out around either mid thigh or the knees depending on the dress.

This is the perfect dress for the bride that wants to show off her body, and not hide anything. It highlights each curve on a women's body. This dress looks amazing on taller women, and enhances their long bodies. It can be worn by shorter women as well, and it is flattering. You can still pull off this dress with small hips. The shape accentuates them, and gives you more curves. If you have the body, show it off in this form fitting gown.


The empire gown boasts a high waistline and drops right below the bust line. Most would describe this dress as one meant for a goddess. The beauty and flow of the dress enhances your look and brings you to a different level.

Wearing the empire style dress is a great way to draw attention to the upper half of your body and redirecting the eye from the hip area. Most body types can pull this dress off. It looks good on everyone. Smaller busted women look especially good in this dress. It draws attention to the bust area, and with the definition of the dress it adds a fuller look.

Now that you have an overview of the different types of dresses out there and how they fit on different types of bodies, go out there and find your dress. Remember your wedding day is your day, so always pick the dress that you want, and don't allow someone to pick the dress for you.