The primary purpose of this article is to reveal the aspects of having and maintaining a great relationship.

A relationship deteriorates or fails when one of them tries to prove the other person is wrong or at fault and he is right. Usually one of them might not have intentionally hurt/said/ done something but it is perceived to humiliating by the other. Trivial issues could be sorted just by talking but when left unchecked they usually spiral out of control. It would be prudent for both to sit and discuss the point of contention when they are in a good mood.

This does not go to suggest that we continue to talk while the other person while he takes advantage of you and threatens you but if small and trivial issues could be sorted with people then why not. Talking to the other person should be attempted only when you think that it would be in the best interest for all of them involved and when the relationship if continued would lead to growth and happiness (i.e. when it is mutually beneficial). If you have attempted to talk earlier but have been continuously rejected or ignored it is best to wait for a little longer.

Instead of finding faults with one another each of them could take positive steps so that pending issues or misunderstanding does not arise in the future. Humans need love and affection to bond together and this is true even more in these times as the stress levels on the raise. Stressed out people tend to take it out on others and this is one of the major reasons for troubled relationships. Talking with empathy or just listening to what the other person has to say instead of arguing or finding faults will tone down their anger and negative feelings.

Relationships do fall into trouble once in a while but and we need to deal with them effectively. One should not get overwhelmed with small and trivial issues but needs to understand that the habit of trying to prove others wrong could lead to many other issues and could profoundly affect ones health and happiness. When you initiate the talk first it is you who become the bigger person trying to resolve the conflict. Inner peace and satisfaction is achieved when we become humble and forgiving.

Looking at the incident form the others point of view, being patient and listening to the other person explain his concerns are some of the thing one could incorporate. We should try to find a win-win situation for all of them involved in the relationship. It's only then that the relationship blossom and last for a long time. Relationship can be saved if both of them involved sat together and discussed with a calm mind. So why not mend a relationship by talking the first step of talking because it is 'Better late than never'.