What's hot on Alexa november 4th? Well if you have been watching any TV or listening to anything on the radio then you know about Kim Kardashian and her very short marriage.  She was married for less time than most people date. Kim Kardashian and her husband Kris Humphries where married for only 72 days. That's right just barely longer than most kids summer vacations was the extent of their unbreakable vows. Till death do us part or ya know until we get tired of each other.  From the conclusion of one bad idea to the start of another.  Groupon IPO although their stock ended high today there is no way this company can survive.  The site is all about telling companies that they are charging to much, and trying to get them to offer up deals and discounts.  While this is great for an occasional surge to business for these business. If people only shop at places where they have cut their prices down it's only going to hurt bottom lines.    

So what's up next? None other than the baby boy of pop still in the spotlight of pop music Justin Bieber.  He isn't in the news because of a new song or even a funny SNL skit.  He is in the news because of some girl a few months ago said they had sexual relations, and now Justin is allegedly a new baby dady.  That's right some girl coming out of the wood work and demanding money to take care of the baby.  If she isn't telling the truth she is a money grubbing scarlet, however is she is telling the truth she is totally in the right.  Now totally changing gears to something different the brand new DASH diet. It is hailed as the number 1 best and healthiest diet pan.  It has been proven to lower blood pressure in just 14 days even without lowering sodium.  It is endorsed by the national heart, lung, and blood institute.  Speaking of diets guess who just filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Dippin' Dots.  Who would have thought that the ice cream maker would go belly up?  Apparently, they fell behind as far back as four years ago at the peak of economic crisis. So that's just a few of the top hits on what is going on in the internet world.