Video marketing is a promotional method, to gain exposure for your product or service. It is specifically the use of videos to generate interest by making them as entertaining and informational as possible. The videos can be created to make sales, entertain, inform or increase brand awareness.

Online videos are easy to create and share, which has made this form of marketing more popular than ever. Most of the top websites allow videos to be uploaded and shared, Facebook, Twitter, Word Press blogs and Google all value video content. Whatever it is that you want to promote, it is a good idea to merge some form of video into the mix.

Video marketing advantages

Online video marketingThis type of marketing has many advantages over other types, because of the possibility for it to go viral. Have you ever been emailed a video link that a friend thought you should see? That is how videos can go viral.

Videos can also attract people who might not want to read content. This is especially true with younger audiences who would rather watch a video than read a couple of pages filled with content. By adding promotional videos you can prevent people from being turned off, by the amount of content, and keep them interested through the medium that appeals to them.

Uses for video marketing

Videos can be used on your website as part of you sales process. Any potential leads can be shown a video that gives then more information about your product or service. It could be shown along with some content or on its own. Whatever you think will work best with your audience.

As part of your marketing videos can be uploaded to various video sharing sites, such as YouTube, where interested people will be able to see it. It is also worth remembering that YouTube has well over two millions views a month. Any marketing method that has the potential to reach such a high amount of people is always worth considering. YouTube videos also do well in the Google search engine and often receive good ranking positions without any effort on your part.

 How to create the videos

If you are someone who is good with Microsoft Powerpoint, you could create slide show videos to market your product/service. There are many software programmes available that make it easier to create professional videos.

As video marketing increases in popularity so do the service providers that sell video creation tools. Animoto is a good choice and is used by many who want quality videos at an affordable price.

It's fair to say that this is something to be taken seriously. The results speak for themselves. Millions of businesses are benefiting from online videos. They are easy to create, inexpensive and have global reach. Video tracking is simple with most of the video sharing sites offering analytics features, to check your video campaigns effectiveness. There are also many video analytics services that offer a more detailed view of your online video campaigns. With all of that available for you, you should jump right in and grab a slice of the pie.