Youtube Poop

So what exactly is a Youtube Poop?

Youtube Poop is a meme that has surfaced over the years that to many first time viewers seems like a collection of randomness and madness piled into a youtube video. Most videos combine a lot of common themes among each separate video including repeating cutscenes, loud and soft noises, voice overs of other videos, movie and cartoon scenes that are edited and modified in speed, and just randomness in general. Each video can seem very similar and yet very different at the same time.

What do people use in Youtube Poop (YTP) videos?

There are three main things that people use to create this random mess of a meme and that is sounds, music, and videos. Let's break it down.

Sounds will come from all sorts of movies, games, cartoons, and other memes that have proven popular on the internet. Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z saying "It's over 9000", various quotes from Star Fox and Sonic the Hedgehog, and movie quotes are just the beginning of the voiceovers and sounds one can experience when seeing a Youtube Poop video.

Music is the next category and we can see many common themes again throughout Youtube Poop videos. Rick Astley's "Never going to give you up", The Benny Hill theme, and many other songs popular almost all videos so one can expect to see those quite commonly. Music from movies and shows are always introduced and ones that become popular are suddenly featured on newer Youtube Poop videos.

Videos are the last part. Obviously every Youtube Poop needs video content to make one. Common videos that appear in Youtube Poop videos include The Legend of Zelda, Hotel Mario, Star Fox, Dragon Ball Z, and Sonic the Hedgehog. There are literally hundreds of other videos and movies that appear as well but these are the most common.

Method to the Madness

When a person first views a Youtube Poop they can be confused, agitated, or generally irritated by what they see. All the repeating loud noises and no sense to the clips would make someone not want to associate with this Meme anymore. However there is a method to the madness and a lot of what these videos represent make sense to the author. There is a story to tell and it progresses in a sort of twisted funny, yet random way. View a few random Youtube Poop videos on Pokemon or Mario and you'll see a theme and story that a person is trying to say. It won't really make complete sense because the very definition of this type of meme is to be random. Just like random paint splattered on a canvas is called art yet there's no clear picture, so can a Youtube Poop video be called art. While messed up in some ways, there are a lot of hilarious quotes and crossovers that can last forever in the jokes of the internet wise. One quick glance on Youtube with the search string "Youtube Poop" will yield hundreds of results, most of which are probably of poor quality but some prove to be entertaining.