What it takes to feed the Painter family

When it comes to feeding my family I try my absolute best to feed them meals that contain all the food groups. I will admit that being on government assistance doesn’t make things any easier since I have to stretch each dollar that I get. My husband says that we can eat a boxed meals when we are getting low on food and don’t have much else. I do all that I can not to feed them processed foods because I want my family to eat good even though it doesn’t always work. A couple years ago I lost 40 pounds and since have gained it back. I don’t want to keep gaining weight and end up with more health problems that I already have. I try my best to plan meals in advance and try to make sure that everyone helps with the meal preparation.

            When my son is at his grandparents on the weekend, my husband and I try to stick with what we can eat that won’t take food away from my son when he gets home. I have gone to food pantries to make sure that we have enough food. I usually look what I have and try to build a healthy dinner for my family. During the week at dinner I always check with my son to make sure that we have covered all the food groups. Getting back on track is my goal when it comes to our health. My husband is a diabetic and he doesn’t like to small portions of food and either does my 14 year old son.

            I have a lot of cookbooks that I am constantly using so that my family doesn’t have to eat the same meal twice in one month. In the past couple of months I have been making bread for us but my son hasn’t tried it yet but my husband loves it. The “Cooking Light” cookbooks have to be one of my favorites. I try to make homemade pizza at least once a month since we all enjoy it.

            When it comes time to cook a meal I try to dance around the kitchen so that my son knows that he can move around and exercise while he cooks. I have a radio that has a place for my iPod so that I can list to my playlists. I try to make sure that we all get involved when it comes to the meal. I son puts up the condiments from the dinner table as well as setting the table for us to eat. I do what I can to make learning about food fun.

            We have a rule for my son when it comes to trying new food that he has to try one bite regardless of what it is. In the last year he has grown a lot on the foods he will eat. My son grew up being a picky eater and in the last year he has tried more things and likes more vegetables then he did before.

            In our home we don’t have the money to go to eat as much as used to so we enjoy it more now than before because now we make the most of the time when we go out to eat. It seems that anymore McDonald’s is a luxury when before it was no big thing to go out.

            Now that I have told you about my family and how we eat, I would love to hear from people how they feed their families.