I know that I may sound like I am repeating myself but I can't stress enough how important it is to have consistency in your workout. Of all the people that I have ever trained in my years of experience, the ones who got the best results were the ones who stuck to the program like glue and managed to establish a set routine that included a sound exercise program as part of their everyday lifestyle!

In the beginning, working out from home can have its drawbacks and you will have obstacles to overcome. No matter what you are looking to do with your body, you will not see any results if you do not perform the training on a regular basis. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that random bouts of activity are pointless or that it is not even worth it - NO! What I am saying is that in order to see a noticeable improvement, you have to put in several bouts before you start to notice a change.

Your expectations are a very important point to consider as well when working out from home. You need to set out realistic goals that are attainable in order to move forward. I have always found that the best motivation out there is actually seeing the results so it is important to define specifically what these goals are and be able to measure them accurately. If you spend every minute looking in the mirror waiting for your body to change you will get discouraged. This process takes time and you need to give yourself a chance to adapt and heal in order to see the results!

The best and easiest advice I can give to someone who is going to be working out from home is to set up a TV in your home gym! Most successful fitness facilities these days have state of the art media centers located all over the gym floor. This gives you something to pass the time between sets and helps to break the silence. I have always said that an hour on the treadmill will pass by a lot quicker watching your favorite show as opposed to starring at the timer. So whether it is a classic movie or your favorite reality show, plop a TV in your gym and I promise you will get more use out of your home-gym!

The most critical component to your home-based workout success is the support of the other household members. First of all, it is important for you to let all of your housemates know that you are starting a new health program as they need to be supportive of your needs. Secondly you should get a small sign to put on the door of your home gym to let others know that you are exercising. If someone is coming into the gym distracting you repeatedly, you will lose focus from your workouts and minimize overall benefits. And Thirdly, the other family members will need to help out with your regular duties while you are exercising. Obviously some of your time will be sacrificed and your house-mates are going to have to pick-up some of your slack. Try to explain your desire to succeed in your exercise program and express how important it is for you that you make this commitment and hopefully they will respect your space and your time accordingly!

You can download a free personalized training program showing you exactly what to do into a clear and easy to follow manner here: one80.com. Just tell me what pieces of equipment you have available and I will tailor your program accordingly to match your workout needs and goals.