To sleep well - sounds simple, but we often fail to achieve it. One major reason is the uncomfortable position during sleep, leading to cramps and pain in the neck and spine.

Experts are sure that the pain in the neck and back, largely due to the uncomfortable pillows, mattresses and incorrect postures during sleep. Nearly 30% of people over 40 years of age complain about aches and morning indisposition. Tension, insomnia, headaches and neck pain are common, which is far from harmless and normal. These are the first symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis. The pain and neck tension has a negative impact on mood, performance, and on general health. These ailments, mostly caused by improper selected pillows, lead to release of the nerves, angry outbursts, deterioration of social contacts and insomnia. If you feel the morning after waking neck pain, numbness, tension headache, means that you must urgently take steps, starting with the replacement of pillows and mattresses.

Alarming statistics show that cases of cervical osteochondrosis increase with age. For people over 50 the risk of disease increases to 50% and the population over 70 was nearly 70% stake. This complaint is accompanied by pain in the neck and back pain, difficulty in moving the head, numbness of the whole body or parts, dizziness and general weakness. People who suffer from cervical osteochondrosis should not choose too high and hard or soft pillows. Very often, bad posture, long sitting with bowed head, lack of exercise and poor mattresses and pillows are causing irreparable damage to the body. To prevent neck pain and back need to invest in suitable pillows from reputable companies in the field.

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The pillow should be firm enough not to sink under the weight of the body, while it is comfortable and ergonomic. The choice of pillows is great - silicone feather, 'memorable', anatomical...

Recently you can find pillows and mattresses stuffed with vegetal fibrefill. The filling consists of sheaths of Spelt Wheat known for its high purity and healing properties.

Besides that they are incredibly comfortable to sleep, and the sheaths of Spelt Wheat protect us against harmful effects of electromagnetic waves and prevent breeding of mites. Placed in the pillow or mattress casings interfere in body shape, provide support for muscle massage and improve circulation. Pillows smell nice of wheat and meadows and gentle movement issued a soothing sound.

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The usage of these pillows and mattresses are recommended for back pain, muscle and joint problems, insomnia. Even in ancient times people used the Spealt Wheat to relieve different disease symptoms, they heated it and placed it in various locations on the body.

Spelt Wheat (Triticum Spelta) is ancient variety of wheat that appears to be intolerant to fertilization and genetic modifications, so that in the 20th century it is not used for bread wheat. In the last 10 years with the cult of healthy eating Spelt Wheat experiences a second bloom. As food it is absorbed much more easily by the body than bread wheat, it also depurates body and strengthens the immune system.