Some people manage to find success in their life while some others don't. People who are not successful share some common characteristics. These have to do about how they thing of their self, how they thing of others and how willing they are to change their life and find success.

Misconceptions: Certain misconceptions that you have about your self and your abilities hold you back and keep you from finding success in your life. Unsuccessful people have no faith in their self and they do not believe in their abilities. If you are wondering how to be successful in life you have to stop underestimating your self and over estimate others. No person is born successful. Successful people have high self esteem and believe in their capabilities and most importantly they have the courage, willingness and patience to fight for their goals.

False thinking: A common characteristic of unsuccessful people is false thinking. These people always think negatively and they believe that everything that is happening has one purpose: to harm them. They do not practice positive thinking and have no trust to other people. They find it difficult to get help from others because they think that everyone is working again them. Successful people are always thinking positive and they have a lot of good friends to help them out. This is because they approach relationships with a positive angle and they receive the trust of others.

Not trying hard enough: Unsuccessful people are not trying to achieve their dreams or goals. Instead of actively looking for ways to make their dreams come true and set goals of what they want to do in their lives, they all day sit and thinking how bad is their life and how unlike they are. They are jealous of successful people but they do not take any actions to get better, improve and meet their own success. Successful people are characterized by persistence and patience. Success does not come from one day to the next. You need to keep trying until you finally meet it. A lot of people who succeed in their field have to say that their first attempts failed but they did not give up. Only hard work can bring good results.

Cannot handle failures: Success will not just come out of the blue. To meet success you have to first be familiar with failure. Failure is what will lead you to success. If you manage to handle your failures and learn from your mistakes then you are one step closer to success. If you cannot handle your failures and instead you are disappointed by them then do not expect to find success. Successful people learn from their mistakes and see failures as a great opportunity to learn something and start a new attempt.

No self confidence or self esteem: People who are not confident that they can achieve something in their life very simply they will not. To be able to change your life you first have to believe it. To believe you have to have self confidence. Self confidence is the driving force behind any successful people. If you have confidence then you can pass this confidence to other people and they will trust you as well. There is no room for fear in your way to success.

Success in life will not come alone, you have to invite it to come in your life and you have to be ready to accept it.