In some women’s books if a man is too good-looking he is out of the running as a mate; the disadvantage being that he is sought after by every woman within spitting distance and she will have to constantly look over her strapless shoulder dress to see what he is up to, especially at parties and events where he is always the most wanted man on the floor. But is being a good-looking man all that important? You can’t eat good looks; you can’t pay your bills with it. If you have a jealous nature it is best to stay away from this kind of person.


What women wish for in a man

We rule by our impulses and modern books on love today brim with tips and suggestions on how to land and hold on to a good-looking man. Some women want rich and famous men and will go the distance which includes infidelity and heartbreak and will pay the price. Other women want men where sincerity and sensitivity counts; men who are not frivolous and who do not disappoint them, men who value family life and put his wife and children first. These men appreciate women who are in charge and are not jealous of a woman’s achievements – and treat women with respect and as equal partners.  Frivolous women choose money and looks. Smart women choose honest, sincere men who can love and respect them.


The six commandments of a relationship

  • A woman of substance wants a man who has a responsible nature and can hold on to a job.
  • She wants a man who understands her and with whom she can spend the rest of her life.
  • She desires sincerity and honesty and a full commitment to protect and be part of the family.
  • She wants her partner to keep up all the fun stuff they did together, not just during courtship.
  • She wants healthy, well-behaved children and the best tools to raise them into fine human beings.
  • She wants the six rules of a relationship treated with the same reverence and respect as the Ten Commandments.