A parent is a person with the responsibility to take good care of his or her off springs. Parenting is the process by which a parent takes full responsibility of the kid as it grows. When mentioning of responsibilities I mean the ways that you are to follow to build a close bond together with the kid. Here are some ways that you need to follow so as to be called a responsible parent.

You can spend quality time with your kids by having dinner together, taking them out for shopping, picnics and even hicks. Playing with them games like baseball basketball or even cricket .By doing the so they will have the opportunity to be close to you and the relationship between you and the kids will have no problem.

Remember to make your kids feel that are among the best friends that they have. By so doing you will be able to know the likes and dislikes of your kids, not only that but also know their strengths and weaknesses. It will also help you know how to handle them if there is a problem among you.

Responsible parents are supposed to take their time and give advice to their kids. Especially during this era of the globalized world that is quickly changing. Talk to them about drugs, peer pressure and anything else that they are supposed to beware of.

Be there for the kids when they need you. This will enable you to make them feel that you care for them. Learn to appreciate them when they do anything that is good so that they will be in a place to feel that at least some one somewhere who is showering them with love. You can also help them celebrate their birthdays.

In case the kid is feeling sick take responsibility of taking them to the hospital. Also be there for him or her until the recovery period. Do not leave that work to the nanny since the kid will feel that his parents do not care whether they are sick or not. This will enable you be respected as a parent.

Without forgetting you are supposed to treat each child with equality .This is because once the kid sees that you are biased and you favor one child than the rest, there will be hatred among the children. This can even lead top a point where they will disrespect you. Therefore as a parent do all things possible to be the best of best parent ever.