Cactus 1Credit: Rayda Jacobs

The reasons for someone having a tattoo done could be anything from trying to fit in with a group, to having a broken heart and wanting to remember the person; there are any number of reasons why someone would go as far as having an image, words, or symbols engraved on their body. There are tattoo lovers who go to the extreme and have huge parts of their body marked up; they absolutely do not care about the pain or the fact that once you have the tattoo engraved on your skin that it is hard to remove.  If you have any thoughts or reservations about having a tattoo done, do not do so until you have thought the thing out.  


Permanency of a tattoo - Once you have drilled into the skin with ink there is no turning back. Sure, the dragon looks great on the back of that young European actress who starred in ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’ as it suits her funky and androgynous personality and she is an actress and no ordinary Joe – but will it look the same on you? And if the tattoo is hidden from sight what is the point? Would it complement or detract from your looks? Will you grow tired of the symbol on your cheek or the rose on your ankle? Most of all, will you regret making such an impulsive decision in the first place? These are the questions one must ask.


Regret - One thing you should not do is have a tattoo when you are unsure you want it. This might be a phase you are going through. A tattoo can come off, yes, but not easily and over a long period. In an inebriated moment this might have been all you wanted; ten years later you might regret it. You could change your job; what then? You might want to enter the military but the American Flag on your cheek holds you back. As well, the tattoo would be painful to remove. There are many people out there sporting unwanted images who deeply regret having it done. Don’t be one of them and by all means do it if it means the world to you.