Many different diseases and cancers had occurred nowadays due to some causes maybe imputable to the one who is suffering or it runs in the blood or hereditary. At times, it takes years to discover that a person has already signs and symptoms of serious diseases or cancers itself like breast cancers, brain cancer, lungs, mouth and throat cancer. However, the last one I mentioned is sometimes taken for granted.

What is Throat Cancer? Cancer of the throat is a condition where cancer occurs and affects the vocal cords, voice box (larynx), or other areas of the throat.

The throat cancer symptoms usually develops in adults ages 50 and above and commonly can be seen in men rather that women. It is because some if not all men are smokers or smoking tobacco and drink excessive alcohols or combined. This leads to a high risk of developing the throat cancer to men than women.

So what causes throat cancer? The main modifiable risk factor in developing this cancer is due to smoking and excessive alcohol use. With this he is prone to have the following causes of symptoms:

1. Severe cough

2. Coughing up with blood

3. Neck pain/ Swelling in the neck

4. Sore throat that will last for more than 2 weeks

5. Difficulty in swallowing

6. Abnormal breathing sounds

7. Hoarseness that will not get healed for more than 1-2 weeks

8. Weight loss

The severity of the symptoms varies widely for every person. In some, throat cancer symptoms are very mild and may occur only after a series of tests as required by your doctor. Others, after being diagnosed to have this symptom, the doctor will require him/her to undergo a biopsy examination. A biopsy is a kind of examination to analyze tissues that may be cancerous or not.

The diagnostic tests that are being use are the laryngoscope which refers to an examination with the use of a tube with its small lighted camera and a cranial CT scan and/or cranial MRI. These tests will help determine if the cancer has spread to lymph nodes in the neck.

The treatment options done are targeted only to the resulting symptoms through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. It depends if the cancer cells is just small either surgery or radiation therapy are used to eliminate the tumor. If the tumor has already spread to lymph nodes in the neck, the best treatment is radiation or chemotherapy is often required.

With this, it is highly recommended to have a regular examination with your physician or specialists to monitor and to prevent the spreading of the cancer. During this stage you may also opt to seek the help of a certified nurse assistant who can be your personal health assistance responsible in monitoring your health needs and lessen your burdens at home.

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