There has never been a better time to be a forefoot runner. Mainstream shoe companies are beginning to develop running shoes designed for this running style as well as some innovative start-ups. A general guideline is to choose a shoe with a low heel and a slim profile, however take a look at these shoes for a customized experience:

1) Newton Running Shoes

Newton is a company solely producing shoes for forefoot runners. Every model is suitable for this running style and offers great cushioning and patented technology to promote proper form. This company was established as a niche player in the running shoe business and has developed an extremely strong following. Their website offers advice for newbies and scientific reasearch on the benefits of forefoot running: 


Visit Newton Running to learn more about how to improve your running.

2) Saucony Progrid Kinvara

Saucony has always been a great running shoe company, however they have not always had a good shoe for forefoot strikers. The Progrid Kinvara changes this as it is an amazing shoe for forefoot strikers. It offers great cushioning throughout the shoe however the heel is not overly built-up.  This shoe is suitable for short training runs or even marathons. 

3) Brooks Mach

For people on a budget, there is luckily an alternative to the pricy shoes designed exclusively for forefoot strikers. The alternative are in the racing flat family and offer a low heel and very light weight performance.  However, some people will find that these shoes do not offer enough cushioning in the forefoot area. The Brooks Mach is a very popular racing flat that can be easily adapted to the forefoot strike style. The key with this shoe is to start out slow so your body can adjust to the reduced cushioning in the forefoot. 

Brooks Men's Mach 11 Running Shoe

4) Adidas Adizero Mana

The Adizero line offers the same great design that Adidas puts in all their shoes, but reduces the heal level to allow for proper forefoot running style. Even more, this shoe has the Adiprene technology in the forefoot to provide adequate cushioning in this high impact zone. The shoe was designed as a long distance racing shoe so it is appropriate to be used for long distance runs.  Since it's backed by the Adidas name, you can find this shoe in much more retail outlets as well. 

5) Nike Zoom Waffle Racer

If you want to stick with a brand you know, forget about the expensive and heavy shoes that Nike is famous for and look at the Waffle Racer.  This shoe often retails for right around $50 and offers a perfect alternative for a budget forefoot runner. Since this is a racer style shoe, the cushioning is less than some of the other shoes mentioned here, however it is one of the lightest. The Waffel Racer has a strong rubber sole giving the shoe more durability than other minamilist shoes. This budget option is great for shorter runs or for experienced forefoot runners.