Engagement Ring(47630)

What is the semnification of the engagement ring?

In past, the normal engagement act was that a man would make a romantically propose to the women for marriage.

Time is changing and today there are women that propose a man for marriage.

In any case, the only thing that matters the most is the act of proposing and the chosing of the engagement ring.

Some facts about engagement rings

If you are an ordinary person, you will go for engagement rings that are being made from silver, gold or even platinum. Simple metal plain bands that you can get from practically anywhere.

Even if the plain bands, favoured by men, some mens want to have a different type of engagement ring, someone that has a stone embed in it.

Some men like more flashy rings, the ones that are made from simple metal but they have a diamond embed in the metal.

Titanium, palladium and even tungsten are rising behind and are being worn by men. Providing a different feel then the simple metal bands, they make the moment to be more special.

The combination of different type of materials can result into a unique design and material that can be used as an engagement ring. Combining white, green gold and rose will result into a great thick band.

You see, being a designer is easy. You can apply your taste in the custom engagement ring that you want to order so in that way you will get a unique ring that suits your "dreams".

Men should also avoid big and round embed diamond engagement rings and should look for flatter forms.

I say this because the big, round forms of an embed diamond are favoured by women's, and if you are a man, this type of rings don't go so well .

Lately there's been a trend change in the engagement rings type, and this is the Mokume Gane ring. In japanese it means wood grain. They resemble the wood texture and the design of the ring can be changed almost in everything that you can imagine.

A good option would be to get embed grain sized diamonds in the entire circumference of the ring for a unique and stylish look.

Another good option for you ( if you want to get a ring that isn't so standardized ) would be to look at some black diamond engagement rings that are very beautiful and a little different from normal diamond engagement rings.

Your marriage proposal is the most important day in a couple's life. It needs to be special as your ring. You also have the option to engrave this special day into the inner side of the ring after you are sure of the exact date.

The wedding engagement is a promise of a life time of commitment and love at good and bad for your partner and the ring is the indication of the promise