Social media optimization involves posting unique content or social content on your website in the hopes of getting people to visit it and share it on other sites. This particular online method is very important to those who want their presence to be felt online. Unlike its counterpart, search engine optimization or SEO, social media optimization utilizes various kinds of media with a few of them listed below:

1. Videos: Videos are one kind of media that social media optimization utilizes on websites. They are either uploaded directly to your website or are hosted on another website like YouTube or for people visiting to view. On the hosted sites you can list your company, url as well as other information and "tags" to help people find your videos. If the video appeals to the people visiting your website, or hosted site, you will get more internet traffic coming to your website, increasing its popularity and helping it to rank higher in search engines.

2. Images: Just like videos, images are either uploaded directly to your site or hosted on another site like flickr or photobucket, serving the same purpose of attracting people to share the images and eventually visit your website. Since social media optimization is a website optimization method that is part of the greater social marketing optimization, its goal is to make your site better known to the public. This means that if you have a lot of interesting images on your site or linked to your site, more people will come and visit it, making it a prime site to visit for images.

3. Blogs: Blogs are utilized by social media optimization which can prove very useful for your website. This is because people tend to search for specific things and a good way to help them find relevant information is through blogs. If you have a blog that talks about dogs, then people looking for information about dogs could be directed to your site through the blog. This means that the content of your blog should be interesting and informative to those who are reading it. When it appeals to them, they will regularly visit your website for further material to read about.

4. Blog commenting: If your site has a blog, then there should be a spot where users can comment on the blog postings. Here, people will be able to speak their mind about the blog you have posted, giving their own insights or stating if it was helpful to them. If there are more comments, it is likely that your website will rank higher on search results when people search for that particular subject matter.

These are just some of the things social media optimization utilizes to make your website known on the web.