There are many people that really do enjoy cycling, but would never consider cycling to work. This is a great pity as there are many benefits to be gained from cycling to work, these are not just the personal benefits of keeping healthy and saving money on fuel but also greater environmental benefits such as reducing the amount of congestion on the roads and consequently that amount of pollution. If even just 10% of people cycled to work the effect on the environment would be significant. How can you encourage people to cycle to work though, what really stops people from getting on their biking and freewheeling there way through the traffic?

Washroom Facilities
Although most people can cycle up to ten miles easily the state that they are in at the end of it certainly wouldn't be pleasant for fellow work colleagues. For this reason if you had adequate washroom facilities at the other end of your cycle ride would you be more enclined to pedal your way to work? If this is what stops you perhaps you could talk through some options with your employer.

Adequate Bike Storage
Perhaps you do a lot of cycling for health and fitness reasons and consequently your bike is very expensive. Many people's work places do not provide adequate bicycle storage and will not allow bike to be stored inside of the building. I know for a fact that this has stopped me from cycling to work, it was only a couple of miles away so I could comfortable cycle that distance without needing any wash room facilities at the end. Perhaps if where you work doesn't have any outdoor space you could ask your employer to dedicate some interior space where you can store your bicycles. If space isn't an issue though you could always look at some more sophisticated bicycle storage solutions that would keep your bike secure and sheltered from adverse weather.

Many people that don't cycle think that they are not fit enough to. However the truth is that if you do want to cycle then you have to start somewhere, so start going out at the weekends. If takes you a year to be able to cycle to work then so what? It is far better to have made that effort for a year that to have not tried at all. All you need to do is start of slowly and just go out on your bike once or twice a week and build it up from there.