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There are several trusted cosmetics brand that would definitely make one look good without any irritations on the skin, and one of them is Bobbi Brown, which is why people ask “What stores sell Bobbi Brown makeup?” They last a long time which makes you confident to wear the brand the whole day. Bobbi Brown is the one brand you could trust when it comes to hiding that zit or concealing that eye bag; or absorbing that messy oil on your face; or making those lips luscious and kissable; or making those eyes vibrant with thick lashes. Bobbi brown is definitely the answer?

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The quality Bobbi Brown offers would always be talk of the town but what stores sell Bobbi Brown makeup? It will be no surprise as this makeup brand isn’t that hard to find. The makeup line might not be that generic but you can find it anywhere in the world – the Americas, Europe, and Australia and even in Asia. But in each of these stores, no matter how easy to find they are, the whole package and the way the sales ladies assist you, makes you want to come back again and again. And to top that, you can even try the makeup you prefer and the look you desire because they let you test the products yourself.

The Bobbi Brown

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Bobbi Brown was born in Chicago, Illinois and had her degree in stage or theatrical makeup at Emerson College, Boston. Then she pursued her career as expert makeup artist in New York City. In 1991, along with a chemist, she released her first cosmetic line of lipsticks under Bobbi Brown Essentials New York City. In 1995, due to the success of the makeup line, Estee Lauder bought the company.

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Brown is the elite and exclusive editor on beauty and style of The Today Show and has regular guestings on the E! and Style TV channels. Author of numerous style manuals and even board member at the Emerson College (Board of Trustees), she also joined hands in charity work such as the one for underprivileged women where she gives them job interview outfits not to mention having their makeup, with her own makeup artists, done. And just lately, Brown was at the number 7 slot being the best makeup artist by iFashion Network.

Some History and Background on Bobbi Brown

As a little girl, her interest in makeup came about as when she discovered the cosmetic collection of her mother. As she grew up to try one for herself, she found how frustrating it was for a woman to find the suitable shade for her. At the time, she felt that beauty should be simple, real and approachable. Since 1991 and until now her collection has been available to different types of women in the world and has become one of the best cosmetic companies in the globe.

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Bobbi Brown has always given the word natural its depth. Face powders and cake foundations match and appear very natural on all skin tones because all are yellow based. All color cosmetics of the Bobbi Brown collection blend beautifully on a wide assortment of skin qualities. By combining natural (essential) oils with the technology of today for healthy glowing skin, you create an unblemished makeup look. Brown’s cosmetics are timeless whether for today, or in a few weeks or even for many years to come.

What Stores Sell Bobbie Brown Makeup?

1.  In the United Kingdom

In London, there are stores at Oxford Street, George Street, Middlesex, Wood Street, Blue Water Shopping Center, New Bond Street, Sloane Square, Knightsbridge and Westfield Shopping Center all within a radius of a 25-mile area. What stores sell Bobbie Brown Makeup? Usual stores who sell the Bobbi Brown collection in the whole United Kingdom are mostly the House of Fraser, John Lewis, Selfridges& Co. To introduce their new line of high impact Lip Gloss, with 15 sparkling shades and an improved applicator, Bobbi Brown makeup artists are visiting different areas in the UK.

2.  In Australia

In all the 5 states of Australia, you can find disseminated stores of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. What stores sell Bobbie Brown makeup? David Jones and Myer are the only listed distributing stores in the Land Down Under. Bobbie’s Australian Makeup Artists team have scheduled special events in August at Robina, Brisbane City, Queens Plaza and Sydney where they share techniques, tips and professional expertise in makeup artistry.

3.  In the United States

In all over the US, What stores sell Bobbie Brown make up? You are sure to find one in almost every city as the Star Spangled Banner Country is the home of Bobbi Brown Makeup. Listings can even be searched online for more specific places. Even for the events in line, online searching is desirable.

4.  In the Asian countries

In the Philippines, Manila is the city that distributes the collection particularly Rustan’s Department Store. In Japan, Tokyo and other cities each have a Bobbie Brown store. China, Hongkong and Korea also have stores all over the country. What stores sell Bobbie Brown make up? Why you can even find stores in the Middle East – Qatar, United Emirates, Saudi Arabia – you name it! Moscow, Russia also sells Bobbi Brown even in a really cold climate.

5. In the America’s

What stores sell Bobbie Brown makeup in the American countries? Well, namely all! If there was land to build a store on the Amazon, well why not?


If still you have no time to drop by your favorite shopping mall but would like to know the latest collection of the brand and to answer What stores sell Bobbi Brown makeup?, why not try websites online to purchase one. The official website would usually give information that you need and ask for especially in purchasing Bobbi Brown make-up. Whatever the cause, at least with the help of this article, you may know what stores sell Bobbi Brown makeup.