The Hawaii North Shore is a place you will want to go back to over and over again. It has got something for everyone so this will make the ideal family vacation.

Kauai is another dream destination in the area with plenty of white sandy beaches and great surf. You will be blown away by the landscapes. There is so much more to do here than simply taking your surfboard for a ride or lying on the beach. You won’t get bored in a hurry.


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When you are in Kauai don’t forget to stop off at the awesome Ke’e Beach. It is full mystery and wonder with cliffs towering over into the ocean . The Kalalau trail is one of the greatest 11 mile hikes in the world. This is something that has to be seen to be believed.

It will also make one of the best surfing holidays. Hawaii North Shore surfing is almost every surfer’s dream. These waves are something quite unique, as you will soon find out if you start to paddle out there. However, every beach has something different to offer, and some are for the more experienced, so be careful about where you go. 


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The nice thing about this part of the world, is that generally speaking, you won’t need a wetsuit because the water is so warm. You can stay in the water for hours on end without getting a chill.

You can find relatively cheap accommodation in the area. Hawaii North shore rentals is a good way to go if you are intending to stay in one place for more than a week and it is a cheaper option. It is also convenient because you can choose something that suits you best and not everyone enjoys being served hand and foot in a big hotel.

A Word about North Shore Surfing

There are all types of waves here for the advanced, intermediate and beginner.

Here is a quick sample

Jaws - Even the more advanced surfer has to be careful of these massive waves, which can reach to over 100 feet! Laird Hamilton is the surfer associated with this beach. It always is nice to go and watch.

The Pipeline - Only for the very experienced. Surfers have been killed here because of the shallow reef, so beginners to the sport need to keep to other waves.

Canoes (Oahu) - Finally a great place for beginners to hang out and spend some time improving on their skills. In addition to that, it is incredibly beautiful here.

Kahaluu Beach (Kona) - This is for the intermediate surfer, and there is surf just about all year round. It is incredibly beautiful here as well. It's on a reef break, but it is safe, however you should still watch out for rips as well as sea urchins.

Hawaii North shore fishing

This is also big and it is a trip you can take with a couple of your buddies or you can spend a day doing this. Some people will prefer scuba diving to sitting on the shore somewhere, but this would depend on the individual. Hawaii shore excursions offer great deals where they will show you the best spots to catch what you are looking for.


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This saves the hassle of planning and finding your way around. Booking ahead of time for accommodation is probably your best bet just to be on the safe side. Wherever you go, you will find beauty surrounding the Hawaii shore.

Scuba Diving in Hawaii

If you are thinking about a scuba diving vacation, or maybe the thought came across a your mind that scuba diving Hawaii for a couple of hours of your family vacation is a good idea, then why not.

Hawaii has so much to offer, and now scuba diving in these parts is just one more activity which can add so much more to your vacation. More people, whether they are experienced divers, or simply novices, are discovering the beauty of the underwater world in Hawaii. If you are an enthusiastic scuba diver, you simply can’t leave Hawaii out of the equation.

The waters are unbelievably clear with fantastic marine life. Each island is unique, and has its own set of characteristics. A staggering one hundred and thirty two islands make up Hawaii, although most divers will only want to scuba dive in eight of the main islands. There are many tours that are set up on the islands and these cater for the beginner to the advanced scuba diver.

For the experienced diver, there is always the other option to hire a boat and go scuba diving with a few friends. Some people will prefer this option because it is more of a relaxed atmosphere. There are so many different types of diving adventures you can try. Of course, the big one would be a lava dive, where you would see exciting things starting to heat up.

One could also explore reefs, caverns and wrecks, which are popular dive spots. There are a couple of wrecks on the island of Oahu including the Corsair Plane, which is a famous and popular wreck, making it a popular diving spot. Kona is a good place for scuba diving if you are interested in cavern diving. The Mauna Lani Caves, also known as the haunted caves are found just off the coast of the coast of Kona and are very impressive in terms of marine life and the structure of the caves.

One thing you might need to know about this area is that it is near a resort, so during peak times it should be busy.

Finally, for a last few facts and figures about Hawaii.

There has been debate as to when the best time to go diving in the islands is, but looking at average water temperatures of 24-27°C / 70-80°F, taking a trip is suitable throughout the year. Maybe peak seasons could be avoided in the resort areas, but there are so many islands to choose from that you shouldn’t have a problem.