Photo restoration services are the best option if you want to correct your old photos and restore your favorite memories. There are such services in every nook and corner of a suburb or a city. However, here is some information that you need to be armed with so that you get the best deal from whatever photo restoration vendor you choose to get your work done from.

In order to attract customers, all services claim to make you old blurred photos look like they were taken yesterday. They also claim to give you man services such as various corrections for free. Be informed that these things are not done by magic, but using specialized photo editing software, which may be very simple or sophisticated.

I don't mean to say that the job is so easy that you can always do it yourself right at home. It does require some hands on experience which you may not have. However, some of the free services they offer are not really free, but part of the editing job. Moreover, these jobs are done by using software automation and require just a few mouse clicks, not worth the money.

In the same vein, many other photo restoration services will charge you money for these same services called corrections of various kinds by categorizing them as premium services. Again these are unfair means of extracting every penny they can out of you. Since they don't require much hard work, you should tell the vendor that you are not willing to pay such high prices for the job.

Even you can buy photo editing software such as Photoshop from the market that will allow you to do all the manipulation on the photos that the vendor does. The reason why you go to a photo restoration vendor is that the job is quite time consuming and also a bit difficult and is best done manually and not using automatic functions of the software.

Since you are paying him you hard earned money, you must ask him whether he does all the manipulation by hand. The reason it is better to do all the editing of you photo with hand is that manual editing allows for more thorough correction which the software algorithms might not always be able to do.

Many photo restoration services, to go one up on the competition will tell you that they also give away a free print of your restored digital photos. Almost all vendors in such cases use very thin photo papers which of very low quality. You need high quality paper for the photos to last longer.

A free print of your restored photo shouldn't be a factor when you are considering one vendor among many. You should also check out the average price for photo restoration in the market. Many vendors tend to take advantage of customers and charge them much more than they should.

If you have considered all the factors that I have outlined above, you will be sure to have a safe experience with your photo restoration vendor. Best of Luck!