A trade was just announced that would send Denver quarterback Tim Tebow and a 7th round pick in next month's NFL draft to the New York Jets in exchange for the Jets' 4th and 6th round 2012 picks. So what does this trade mean for both franchises? First a little background music...

Less than a week ago, the Denver Broncos won the coveted free agency prize; quarterback Peyton Manning. With the type of quarterback that the Bronco's head personnel man John Elway desired now under contract, the type of quarterback that Elway inherited when he took over the organization was now expendable. Elway never made it a secret that Tebow was not 'his guy'. It was also not a secret that Tim Tebow was a huge fan favorite, and that was before the Bronco's improbable regular season run that ended in a playoff Divisional round loss to eventual AFC Champions New England Patriots. This obviously poised a precarious situation for Mr. Elway. There was no way he could put Tebow back on the bench with his recent success. That is why the Manning acquisition was so important. I do not care how rabid a Tebow fan one is, no one in their right mind would not want Peyton Manning leading their team.  

Because of this trade, Elway had the green light he was likely hoping for to shop Tebow. There were several teams reportedly interested in acquiring the quarterback, including the Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins. Apparently, the Jets was the team that most wanted Tebow, but the price that was settled for the former 2010 1st round pick sounds of a clearance sale at best. It also could be considered a testament of how badly Elway wanted Tebow gone. I'm not criticizing Elway; he did what he felt needed to be done to move on from the Josh McDaniel regime. I'm just stating the obvious.

For the Broncos:

As mentioned earlier, Elway acquired the quarterback he wanted and possibly more: as long as Manning regains enough of his range of motion in his right arm to make a difference on the field. This move also allows Elway to patiently find a young quarterback to take over once Peyton does retire, not to mention having a couple of extra draft picks for next month to build up the roster.

For the Jets:

Tebow now goes from a medium-sized market to the largest market in the country. And while there is no doubt that his new jerseys will sell quickly, there will be two interesting storylines to follow as we get closer to training camp: Tebow on-field and Tebow off-field. On-field I suspect that there could be an open competition at quarterback. If not, there definitely should be. It is true that the Jets made it to the AFC Championship game two out of current Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez's first three years as the starter. But the Jets did not make the playoffs last season and when they did, it seemed to be in spite of Sanchez's play, evident by his career 73.2 QB regular season rating and 55:51 touchdown to interception ratio. Off-field Tebow will be a model citizen, and the polar opposite of his new Head Coach Rex Ryan. That relationship and the fact that the Jets locker room is not know for its togetherness could keepNew Yorkbeat writers very busy.