What to Avoid When Job Searching on Craigslist
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Craigslist can be a very reliable resource during your job search quest.  Among the more mainstream job search engines, Craigslist has greater variety and a broader reach.  It's also free and easy to use with daily updates in your area.  Unlike typical job search engines, Craigslist seems to have a higher probability of scams and multi-level marketing posts.  Before you embark on a job search in Craigslist make sure you know how to easily spot the sham jobs.


Even some "legit" jobs make the mistake of being way too eager with their hiring process.  Words like "ASAP" and "immediately" are major red flags, even if the business is legit.  The need to hire someone "right away" may be an indicator of high turnover or a very cranky boss.  Not having a thorough applicant screening process shows they could care less who works for them or that the job responsibilities aren't that important.

Ridiculous Earnings

This is probably the easiest way to spot a scam but some people continue to fall for it.  Yes, earning $1,000 a week is possible but you need to read the fine print closely.  Is it multi-level marketing?  Do you have to pay money to start making money?  Many of these postings will also promise the opportunity to work from home part-time and still make the same amount of money.  The key here is if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.  If they make it sound really easy, it's probably not.  Look for a job that lists realistic earnings for the responsibilties of the position.

Bad Spelling/Grammar

Quite possibly my biggest pet peeve when I'm looking through Craigslist postings.  If an employer barely has the skills to do his job more than likely they won't know how to evaluate you at yours.  There may also be a huge language barrier that would make it extremely difficult to take orders.  You can never tell who's posting these jobs.  For all you know it could be a silly third grader looking for some cheap laughs.

No Resume/Experience Required

What kind of a job wouldn't want to know about your work experience?  If a "positive" attitude and "go-getter" are the only requirements for the job, you're better off without it.  No legitimate job is going to overlook a resume for an infectious personality.  Unless the job has clear requirements or states that it is entry level, a resume and work history are essential.  No job that pays decently will hire just any schlub off the street.

Talking Badly About Former Employees

I haven't seen this too often but it does happen.  On one post an employer stated that their admin left them high and dry with no warning so they needed someone immediately.  There really is no point in putting this in a job posting and it can scare away potential applicants.  It shows a lack of professionalism and can be a warning sign that the job wasn't worth keeping. 

No Job Description

This can either mean the employer is lazy or really doesn't know what the position entails.  Either way, it's not a great sign.  Stay away from job postings that don't have a clear, organized description of the job duties because you never know what you could be getting yourself into.  You also don't want to hand out your personal info to just anyone.  If they don't have a link to the job description and are vague about the job it's best not to waste your time.

Low Budget

It's always best to remember that Craigslist is free and most employers posting there can't afford the big guys like Monster and Career Builder.  Their budgets are likely low and they are looking for cheap labor.  If you're just looking to get your foot in the door, Craigslist can get you hired.  If you're looking to climb the ladder, you might want to go with the larger job search engines.  Jobs are more competitive there but if you have the skills it's a better avenue to take.