Parents considering what to collect for kids should be selective but thorough. Many parents wish to collect things throughout their children’s lives to be able to give them mementos of their youth when they are grown. If you are thinking about what to collect for your kids, check out the brief list below and consider your options.

1. Ticket Stubs

Ticket StubsCredit: starbright31

From train rides to flights and theme parks, there are many different options for parents to collect ticket stubs for their children. Begin collecting ticket stubs by tossing them in a shoebox or sorting them chronologically in a three ring binder. Not sorting them is still a good option since young adults would be equally excited rummaging through old unorganized stubs. If you’re wondering what to collect for kids, this is a great options. Just remember, if it is an obscure item (like a random plane ticket) attach a small note to explain what trip the stub was associated with.

2. Photographs

It might go without saying that parents should collect photos of their children. Still, in our digital world more and more families are keeping all their images online or in digital storage. Try to keep some important images printed and in an album or box. Use online printing services if ink for your printer is too expensive. Also, start early so you can avoid needing to print tons of old pics down the line. This is a very important option in the list of what to collect for kids.

3. Clothes

This is one the things to collect for kids that you should cut back on. Keep maybe 3-7 outfits or pieces of clothing. Choose clothing that maybe was featured in important events or pictures. Most parents find that clothing is not very important to kids when they grow up. If this is on your list of what to collect for kids, just make sure to limit the amount.

4. Toys

Like clothing, the collection of toys should be limited to those most important. Most toys these days are bulky and kids outgrow them quickly. Young people love to see toys they had as children but most can revisit them in photographs. Unless you have larger storage spaces, keep only the most important toys.

Don't you remember those classic Fisher Price toys from your childhood?

5. Books

Books should definitely be on parents list of what to collect for kids. Board books are bulky and take up lots of space so there may only be storage room for a few of those. Paperback books are much more reasonable to store. Again, like most things on this list, keep the number of books you collect for your kids limited to those most important.

6. School Projects

Spare no space for school projects. This is what kids love to peruse the most from their childhood. Use three ring binder sleeves to store objects with potentially loose materials. As kids get older they love looking at their old elementary school creations. Try to keep some out of reach until the kids are adults so they don’t get damaged. Remember that school projects are one of the most important things on our list of what to collect for kids.

7. Video

Digital video is so easy to record with new technology. Video recorders can be found online for less than $100 and are small enough to fit in a pocket. If this is one of your things to collect for kids, remember to backup your videos and always clear the memory from the recording device. There is nothing more frustrating than having a great video moment, only to find that your recorder has no available memory.

8. Important Paperwork

Important paperwork includes anything like traffic tickets, work permits, college acceptance letters, drivers permits, commendations, etc. Some kids may want to keep these themselves but others won’t be interested. Even if you children wish to keep their own documents, suggest they allow you to store them for safer keeping.

9. Report Cards

Most adults enjoy looking back on their report cards. Even if they’re full of bad grades, it is fun to reminisce. This is one of the most basic things people think of when wondering what to collect for kids.

10. A Website

Because of Blogger and WordPress, it is easier than ever to keep an online journal of sorts for your kids. Both website options are very simple to use, are free, and offer privacy restrictions if you wish to limit who views the site. I do this for my family and I love it. We can upload a photo and a quick sentence from our phones on the fly and not have to worry about the hassle of manually uploading images. Also, it is great for any out-of-town family to be able to see pictures of the little ones as they grow older. Have a great time watching your kids grow up. Use some of the suggestions on this list of what to collect for kids to document the journey.