Dressing the window area in a kitchen is something that needs to be given special attention because a kitchen is not complete unless the windows are decorated with curtains. If you intend fitting a fashionable kitchen valance to your kitchen window then there are several things you will need to first of all consider.

The color of your kitchen cabinetry and walls will determine whether a bright, soft or muted color of kitchen valance would best suit. Also, because many of today's modern kitchens are fitted out with state of the art built-in ovens, stainless steel appliances and other features such as fashionable granite bench tops, it is important for the fabric and style of a kitchen valance to blend in and look appropriate for the kitchen.

Although the style and type of fabric of a kitchen valance are important, serious thought needs to be given to privacy and how much sunlight comes through the kitchen windows. If you want natural light to filter into your kitchen to brighten it up and make it feel alive and lived in, then fitting a colorful kitchen valance to the top of your window could be an option. However, if you are close to other houses so the kitchen window is exposed and people can look inside, then a kitchen valance may not be the best option although adding a tier or café style curtain below the valance that covers the bottom half of the window may solve the dilemma. Alternatively, fitting wooden blinds or curtains with matching fabric that hang to the side of the kitchen window frame may be all that is required.

Today, consumers can have stylish kitchen valances custom made from a variety of different luxurious fabrics dyed in vibrant rich colors that would suit virtually any type of kitchen ranging from modern, traditional, country and classic style. Although custom made curtains and valances sewn to order can be very costly, you can generally be assured that the finished product will be measured, made and fitted exactly to your requirements. Alternatively, many curtain suppliers are able to supply consumers with pre-made kitchen valances in an assortment of different fabrics that use multiple colors.