Stores like Newport News and Guess offer some wonderful clothing items that make great gifts for women. Clothing is a tricky gift as it has to be considered very thoroughly before making the leap to purchase. If you take the right things into consideration and feel comfortable enough to make the decision, then a clothing gift can be very thoughtful and very much appreciated. Take a look below at some of the helpful tips to consider when buying clothing gifts for women.

The Right Size

This is a tricky area; if you are buying a clothing gift for a woman and you get the wrong size, it can be embarrassing and even offensive. Be sure that you know the woman's size and stick to a brand of clothing that you know she wears. Sizes fluctuate quite a bit from brand to brand, so if she wears size 9 jeans in one brand, it may be a size 12 or even a 7 in another.

Sweaters, blouses and other tops are usually marked simply as small, medium, large and extra large, and this can become confusing as well. Each style of top will fit differently. A good tip is to bring along someone with you that is about the same size as the woman you are buying for. Let her try the items on to determine if they are going to make a good fit.

The Right Style

Just because an item looks great on the mannequin does not mean it will look great on every woman. Take into consideration the style of the woman you are buying for and keep your eyes opened for items that will look great on her, not just the mannequin. Gifts are supposed to be thoughtful. Yes, they are sometimes considered to be purchases that the recipient would not make on her own, but when it comes to clothing items, this rule does not apply. Only buy items that you believe she would have purchased herself.

The Best Clothing Gifts for Women

You can purchase just about anything for women when it comes to clothing. As long as it is the right style and right size, you really cannot go wrong. The best gifts are items that reflect the personality of the recipient--items that she will be able to showcase while she's out and feel great about herself while wearing. If the woman you are buying for is not someone who enjoys wearing fancy clothing, don't spend a fortune on a cocktail dress. Instead, buy something you know she will wear and that she will love. You can always spend a day shopping with the woman on your list and find out what she likes. Take note of the items that she lingers on but refuses to try on; get her to try it and see if she is up for something new. If so, when she refuses to splurge on the item, come back later and have it wrapped up.