Choosing our eyewear is a big decision, as something continually visible and has such a huge effect on our appearance, we have to make sure it complements our face, colouring and style. Some people just do not feel comfortable in glasses, they may believe that their face does not suit them, but there is always the option of contact lenses, which itself can be a big decision too!

Glasses have such a huge influence on how we come across to other people and feel about ourselves, that they have to be perfect. There are so many designer glasses out there, to suit any budget! No matter which designer you decide to go for you will find glasses to suit you perfectly.

Many women have recently been going for the ‘geeky’ look – the larger round glasses. This is a great trend to latch on to as they are not only really fashionable at the moment, but they can be really flattering. If you do not feel that you want to risk looking back on these photos in ten years and cringing, just as we do for the ones of us in the early 90’s – then you could choose glasses to suit your personality perfectly. If you love to be loud and often wear statement clothing and jewellery – then you could consider buying statement glasses. There are so many bright colours and designs to choose from, that’s the beauty of the current trend of the thick rims – there’s room for any sort of design you want. Flowery, pink and yellow, sparkly – do not hold back!

When choosing your glasses you will need to make sure that they suit the rest of your appearance. By now you have a good idea of the colours which you like to wear, and which ones do not compliment your hair colour or skin tone – so bear these in mind when you are choosing your glasses. They may look great to look at on the shelf, but if you know that the colour makes you look washed out or clashes with your hair – don’t go near it! They also need to suit your face shape, if you have a round or square face- you will need to avoid buying glasses of the same shape! If you pop square glasses onto a square face it will accentuate the wrong angles, so look into mixing it up and considering square for your round face and vice versa.

Oval faces are allegedly the lucky ones as most glasses will suit them, whilst if you have a triangle face you will have to consider rectangular shapes. It is a tricky business but worth it. The perfect designer eyeglasses are so important as they will give you that extra boost of confidence and pride when you have got them on – people will be so impressed when you tell them that they are designer and of course can end up being quite a talking point.

You do need to shop around – firstly, because you have to make sure that you feel entirely comfortable with the choice of glasses – you do not want to worry about that once you have spent the money and they are sat in full view on your face. And, secondly, because it is possible to get the designer brands for less if you look in the right places. It is a very competitive market and online you can find some incredible discounts for hundreds of famous brands, such as candies eyeglasses. Often there are offers of buy one get one free or free delivery, if not a huge cut in price. You do not need to empty your purse to look a million dollars.