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A bright white smile is what everyone desires so that they can feel like they look their best. However, the food that we eat as well as how we care for our teeth can eventually cause teeth to look dull, yellow or even an unsightly shade of brown. Choosing how to whiten teeth can depend on a number of things, such as one's financial resources and on how stained or yellow the teeth are. Between a teeth whitening session at the dentist’s office and choosing the best whitening toothpaste, people have several options available to keep their smiles looking clean and youthful.

Teeth can become stained from neglectful tooth care. Inadequate brushing and flossing can leave buildup that sits in the mouth in between and on the teeth to cause stains and decay. In addition, some people do not stay current with their semi-annual dentist visits, so stains are left to build-up over time. Certain foods, such as cola and coffee, also leave stains on the teeth. Smoking is another bad habit that can wreak havoc in the mouth and leave a dull and dirty-looking smile. Some illnesses as well as some medications can also be the cause of yellowed teeth.

The celebrities, models and professional athletes sport smiles that are coveted by the mass populace. Their teeth look almost perfect with neat spacing and sparkling cleanliness. These public figures invest a lot into their smiles and usually pay heavy figures for teeth whitening sessions. These sessions may last from as little as fifteen minutes and the patient would have to return for follow-up sessions. However, these are costly and many cannot afford to book regular sessions with a cosmetic dentist.

A more affordable option is to use teeth whitening toothpaste. This more reasonably priced option can be done at home. It is important to consult with a dentist before choosing the right medium for whitening your own teeth. Several brands of this type of toothpaste boast the best formula for giving someone a bright smile. It is important to look at the chemicals that the toothpaste contains when shopping for the best one for you. Conduct research to find out how each brand of toothpaste actually whitens and find the one that would likely work the best for you. These toothpastes either get the teeth polished with the regular brushing or infuse chemicals into them that lift stains from teeth.

Two key factors to keep in mind when whitening teeth are your daily habits and dental visits. It would be an exercise in futility to invest in teeth whitening toothpaste or sessions with a cosmetic dentist when teeth are not being taken care of daily, as the stains would soon return. For a brighter smile and a healthier pocketbook, teeth should be brushed and flossed daily and biannual visits with the dentist for regular cleaning would help maintain a bright white smile.

Many people wonder about how to whiten teeth so that their smile remains attractive and bright. They have to the option to find the best whitening toothpaste or to book whitening sessions with a cosmetic dentist. Anyone who is considering any type of whitening should ensure that they have a daily cleaning regimen and that they keep up with their regular dental cleanings.