Parking lots are often risky places for fender bender accidents in Los Angeles. Some people haphazardly park their cars and proceed with their daily business, unmindful of the damage they have caused on others. The result is often disappointing and creates inconvenience when someone backs up and hits your rear end.

Cases of fender bender accident in parking lots increase each year as the number of motorists' crowd into supermarket parking lots and malls. There are a number of reasons why fender bender happens. Some of these are:

1. A driver steps on the brake abruptly and hit the rear of the car

2. A driver carelessly pulls out and fails to notice an oncoming car

3. An unskilled driver cause a minor collision when trying to navigate through a crowded parking lot

Here are some ways you can do after a fender bender accident:

1. Check if there is someone injured inside your vehicle (an infant or a child). Try to see if someone is injured in the other vehicle.

2. Inspect the damage that occurred on your vehicle and the other party.

3. Exchange information such as contact number, name, address, and insurance data.

4. Call the police to investigate on the cause of accident

5. Have the proper authorities assess the damage of vehicles

6. Take photos of the accident scene. Capture angles showing most of the damage. This will serve as evidence in case you will file an insurance claim or a lawsuit.

7. Try to reach an amiable settlement on the amount of property loss.

8. Have your car assessed by an auto body shop and get an estimate total car value.

9. Contact your insurance representative and file the insurance claim.

Sadly, one instance of a fender bender insurance claim can put a stain on your driving history record and raise your next monthly premium. Specifically, here is a preview of what will happen to your insurance premium:

1. If you have no fault in the fender bender accident, and you have no previous record of accident; you may petition for a no premium increase.

2. If you have a fault, your premium will slightly increase; yet retain existing privileges.

3. If you a have a fault in the parking lot accident and you caused injuries to the other party, your premium will increase by 20 to 25 percent. You may lose some insurance privileges.

4. If you are constantly involved in an accident, your insurer may not renew your insurance policy.

Consult with a fender bender insurance expert, personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles to learn more on how you can make a defense.