Every mother-to-be wants to know what to do before her baby is born. When the child is born mommy and daddy will be all tied up with child duties such as changing and feeding. Time-consuming or hard decisions are best made well in advance of the baby delivery day. Choosing a baby name and deciding on whether or not to breastfeed are important things to think about before the baby arrives.

Picking out a Baby Name

This may seem to be an easy job, however usually expectant mothers come to delivery room without deciding on a name. Moms and dads who wait until the child is born will probably feel rushed into naming their precious one.

As moms and dads discuss name possibilities, they will probably notice that the final decision isn't that simple since both mom and dad will have strong feelings against some names. What's more, the decision concerning if or not to give a child a close friend's name and whose it should be may further complicate the whole process.

Also, a lot of moms and dads find it very hard to decide on a middle name that sounds good with the chosen first name. This is usually a tricky process therefore it is a smart one to start way before the child is born.

Parents should take time at least half a year before the child is born to think about (and talk about as well) baby name possibilities. Half a year will be more than enough of time to consider all name possibilities and make a good choice that works for both mommy and daddy.

To Breastfeed or Not to Breastfeed

Right after the child arrives, mommy and daddy have to start a feeding schedule. Therefore, it is of vital importance for a mom and dad to think about if the mom shall breastfeed her newborn. A lot of moms choose to breastfeed their little ones in the delivery room almost right after childbirth. The option considering if or not to breastfeed can be left up until the last second. On the other hand, making this choice ahead of time will give moms who choose either way some time to plan.

Moms who wish to breastfeed can even think about taking a breast-feeding class to learn more about some good latching techniques as well as several ways to hold a child throughout breastfeeding. Moms who choose not to breastfeed will have to get formula as well as bottles. Also, moms who plan on doing a combination of both bottle and breastfeeding will have to get a breast-pump as well as some breast-milk bags.

Also, new mommy and daddy may want to think about setting up the nursery and finding a pediatrician and before the child is born.