File for Unemployment

If you find yourself unexpectedly unemployed, filing for unemployment should be your first step. Many people will not file because they are unsure of whether they qualify or not. Do it anyways. If you don't qualify the worst thing they will do is reject your claim. Different states have different unemployment qualifications, however, usually if you find yourself unemployed by no fault of your own, you will qualify. 

Unemployment insurance will help ease some of the financial burden you have while unemployed. Having this income will allow you some time to make your decision of  what job you would like to pursue without feeling rushed to  to pay the bills. 

Job Search

After you have filed for unemployment insurance you should start your job search. You don't have to start applying the first day, or take the first job that comes your way, but you should begin looking. Checking out what jobs are available in your area will give you some ideas of what your options are. Remember, just because you were working in retail or the healthcare field or fast food, doesn't mean that is where you have to go next. Do your research, take your time, and really look into what jobs will interest you and benefit you in the long run. 

Take Some Time for Yourself

One thing many of us forget to do while working 40 hours a week is to take some time for ourselves. Now that your unemployed, you can! While you may not be able to afford that trip to the Caribbean, you can take a few days and do things you enjoy doing. If you like to read, spend the day on the couch with your book. If you're an outdoor's person, find somewhere close by to go hiking for the day. If you don't get to spend as much time with your family as you would like, take this time and devote it to spending time with them. There are many things we would love to do that get put on the back burner because of work, well now you have some unplanned time off to do them!

Do the Projects You've been Putting Off

Remember all those boxes in the attic you were going to organize? Or how about those "junk drawers" in the kitchen that you were going to clean out? Well the good news is, now you have the time to do it! We all have projects that need to be done but the problem is, we don't want to do them! Now that you're unemployed, you have plenty of time to tackle a few of these less than desirable projects, and chances are, you will feel a lot better when they are done and checked off the list. Not only will doing these projects give you something to do while you're unemployed, but doing it now will give you a far shorter list when you do go back to work!

Find a Job That Suits You

You're new-found unemployment is giving you a chance you may not have had otherwise, the chance to find a career you love. Think about what interests you and go from there. Don't look for jobs that are simply going to pay the bills, look for a career that you will enjoy. You have an opportunity to do some evaluating and decide what you would like to do. Take this time and find a career that will make you happy, and go for it.