What to Do When Your Thighs Are Sore

If you like to exercise every now and then, you will suffer from what most people experience when they take things too seriously. You might sense that you thighs are tender and painful after a bout of running or doing squats. There are also some who might be training to take part in a marathon or any other physically challenging endeavor. No matter the situation in which you might find yourself, you will realize that exercising can be painful. What to do when your thighs are sore is not often what you might want to hear. The best thing is to rest and wait for the pain to subside. That might be difficult for some to fathom, especially for those who have been brought up with the mentality of no pain, no gain.

What you need to do when your thighs are sore will depend on the reason you are experiencing pain. If you discovered that your pain is because you were stretching a few hours before, you might have pulled a muscle and resting for things to heal will be the best thing to do. There are times when getting a good massage can help relieve pain and make you feel better.

If you just bought a pair of weights and you got carried away, that can also contribute to thigh pain and make you life a misery for a few days. You might not understand why others don’t feel the same way as you do when they go through the same routine. The answer is, they are used to exercising and they likely know what they are doing. If you don’t want to suffer from excruciating pain during physical exercise, you need to proceed slowly and let your body get used to activity. You can start by doing only a few squats per day and progressively increasing the intensity as the weeks go by.

Some people suffer from thigh pain a few days after going for a long run. They might feel a little bit of pain immediately after the exercise but the pain can become more intense the next day. There is nothing to worry about. The best thing to do when you thighs are sore after a long run is to get a nice massage on your legs before you go to sleep. This will aid recovery and make things bearable the next day. It is true that not everyone can afford the luxury of a professional masseur. There are times when the only thing left is to take some medication before you go to sleep. Painkillers should only be used as a last resort as you don’t want your body to get used to them. That said, they can be useful if you cannot support the pain because your thighs are sore.