Once you have a nice collection of articles built up on a site like Infobarrel, what else can you do with these articles to make money?  When you don't feel like writing some more, this list of ideas will keep you busy improving the performance of your article library.

Here are some ideas:

Rework the Keywords

Can the articles be reworked to attract more traffic? What kind of keyword research can you do to improve the articles?  Can you add in some higher paying or more searched keywords, maybe by adding a paragraph.  Everything can be improved with a little time and research so take a look at why the articles are just not attracting the traffic they should be.


Go through your article list with a critical eye.  Are there errors that detract from an article? Is the article worth sharing or is it lower quality.  If it is not something you would not share with your friends if a stranger wrote it, then time for a rewrite. Try to make the article viral material

While you are checking the article for problems - add photos, maps, media, video, or graphics that will increase the readability of your work and independently bring additional traffic to your articles.  


A good summary can help bring in the readers and is a great place to include keywords.  Read up on how Infobarrel summaries work


Check that the related articles make sense.  Good related articles are good for SEO because the titles become keywords that your article can be found for.  Bad related articles dilute the value of your on page SEO.  On Infobarrel the Tags control the Related Articles so work with your Tags (here is a guide to tags for more info). 


Double check all the contextual ads.  If they are not spot on maybe there is some element in the article that is attracting poorly targeted ads. Try to fix that by wordsmithing the article.

Look at the Amazon products displayed and adjust the Amazon keywords to improve the relevance of the products.  If there are no related products, aim for something with broad appeal - kind of like ads in a newspaper do.


Consider what affiliate products you can link to from your content.  Is there a physical or information product on Amazon, Shareasale, or some other affiliate network that makes sense to share with your readers? If you already linked to an affiliate site, is this working for you or do you need to change the anchor text or product linked to.  


You already have the aged articles, why not build a niche site around one of your favorite topics and then use your article library to create a bunch of nice relevent links to your new niche site.  This is backwards to how most people build niche sites (build site-write articles for links) but far faster, cheaper and easier.

While you are at it, interlink your articles better to drive traffic and link juice between your articles.


If the terms of the host site allow it, consider pulling together similar articles into an ebook (each article could be a chapter) and selling this as an information product.  You might also use the book as a giveaway to attract link bait for one of your websites. 


Now that you have learned more about link building and promotion what can you do with your older articles to drive traffic?  Promote your article library through facebook, stumbleupon, and in forums.  A new link or two might be just the ticket to push your content up the SERPs and increase traffic dramatically.  Find a relevent blog and post an insightful comment or two with your article as the website linked through your name.