One or two fleas found on your living room floor or on your bed may be glossed over, but this can eventually lead to big problems if you are not careful. If you don’t watch fleas on dogs and treat them in the right way, they will no doubt get out of hand.

You may think that fleas are a nuisance to you and your family, but spare a thought for your dog. Have you ever woken up with a flea bite in between your toes? Imagine having a couple of these. The next thing is that this is what may lead to skin allergies, which is the last thing that you need. This is just what your poor dog goes through.

A lot of people get frustrated with home remedies and special combs. However, all of this is not necessary because there are instant solutions which will solve problems really quickly.


Can you find and kill the fleas?

The basic answer for this one is no. You will probably be able to spot a couple, especially if your dog is lightly colored, but fleas are very clever at hiding away. You may think that you have been smart in grabbing so many, but in fact that is really not the end of it.

Use a flea comb every so often to really find your way through the fur and inspect to see if there are any fleas hiding away. If there are, then you will know that you will have to take further action. Especially look for them in the tail because this is where they like to hang out.

You may also find a kind of reddish brown debris on the dog. This tells you that fleas have been in the neighbourhood and this is the left over dirt.

How to your dog that is infested with fleas

Some people prefer to stick to home remedies. These do work, but they definitely do take more effort. It is recommended that you use something once a month and that is that. If your dog is suffering severely then you can find a pill that kills fleas on dogs.

This is a once off, but usually you would use it if you notice your dog has more fleas than normal or if you have picked up a rescue dog. Capstar is a good brand to look out for.

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When you are giving your dog a bath, use one of the best shampoos that you can get your hands on. Use these in conjunction with something like Frontline because they are not going to solve the problem for good. In fact they will only last a day. This is because of the life cycle of the flea and this is why you need to apply a regular program once a month.

Sometimes dogs will have a reaction to the topical treatment. Keep an eye out for any allergies should you start any new treatments. However, usually they will go for one particular brand so you will usually be on the safe side.

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A precaution: Allergy free bedding

There is nothing worse than finding that every time you climb into bed you end up scratching yourself until you are red all over. This is never a nice experience. Some people end up with a mild skin itch, whilst for others it can develop into a nasal irritation or even respiratory problems, which can just be uncomfortable. A lot of people suffer from dust allergies so you have to make the effort to deal with this, especially where children are concerned.

Many people will seek medical attention and come back with a dose of medication. However, there is no real use in taking medication because you will still find that the root of the problem comes down to your bedding. However, there is a quick fix to this in the form of allergy free bedding. Many people who suffer from allergies don't realize that this is all it takes, but by heading off to the store and finding recommended allergy free bedding set; you will find that your problems will improve almost instantly.

Allergy free bedding

Getting rid of dust mites in the carpet as well as in nooks and crannies around the home is not that difficult with a vacuum cleaner as well as the use of a duster, but this is not always possible with a mattress. Dust is absorbed within the mattress and there is not much you can do about this. This is where allergy free bedding is very helpful.

The main feature with allergy free bedding is the fabric which that it is made with. You will notice that the material is made with very small pores. In fact, if we were to compare this with your regular bedding you will find that the pores measure an average of zero microns compared to a range of 10 microns in conventional fabrics. In saying this, you wouldn't want to opt for a zero micron fabric as this restricts the air flow. You will be on the safe side to choose something a couple of microns above this.

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This bedding has proven to be success for people who battle to get to sleep because of their struggles with allergies. Since people have found out about this type of bedding, it has really risen in popularity and it seems to be the perfect solution. No medication will be able to compete with bedding like this because for one thing you will have to keep on taking tablets or using a certain type of lotion and then you will also have to consider the costs which are involved.

You can find this bedding in a range of colors and styles to suit your bedroom, just like you would with your regular bedding. It is possible to find these products online, but you will be sure to find them in a store in your area as well. It may be cheaper to shop online because most of the time shipping charges are not included, but you will just have to shop around for something that is