Things to Do in Austin, TX

Austin, TX

Austin is unlike any other city in Texas. It's situated near the center of Texas off of the Colorado River. The weather varies from hot and humid during the summer  time to cold and dry during the winter. The humidity comes from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the cold air from Canadian air that gets funneled down by the jet stream. The Austin metro area has a combined population of around 1.7 million. The city is situated between the hill country of Central Texas and the flatter Gulf Plains.  On the west side of town you'll see limestone hills/cliffs carved out by the Colorado River and other creeks that feed into it from flash floods that occur periodically throughout the year in the area. On the East side of town, you'll see a flatter landscape with more fertile soil.  This unique landscape is what provides some of the more natural events you can enjoy in town.

Austin is a smorgasborg of cultures and ideas. The embracement of intellects and the creativity of artists/musicians help provide the liberal progressive feel the city openly flaunts.  You'll see and meet openly friendly people of different cultures who will be more than willing to help you enjoy the town. Some of the more natural areas to visit in the town branch off of the life source of the city...the Colorado River. Situated in the center of town is Town Lake or Lady Bird Lake. The "lake" is actually a series of dammed off section of the Colorado and extends from MoPac highway to Interstate 35. The lake sports a run/bike/walk trail that creates a 10-mile loop around the body of water. Along the way you'll see everything from families, couples, dogs, turtles, geese, squirrels, canoeists, rowers, paddleboarders, musicians, and a few other unexpected things.  Off of the the lake are a series of trails and creeks that extend north and south of the river. One of the most popular of the creeks is Barton Springs. The spring feeds a pool that stays at a constant 67 degrees and a popular area to visit during the summer.  A couple of other natural destinations in town are Mount Bonnell where you can take in the view of the hills and downtown, 360 Bridge where you can take a small hike for a great view, Barton Springs Trail, and Walnut Creek hike/bike trail.

 Austin has a lot of natural beauty but if that isn't your thing there's plenty of man-made places to go. Sixth street is what Austin is sort of know for but there are so many other places to go. Other centrally located locations are the Warehouse District located off of 4th Street for an older laid back vibe during the evening hours, South Congress for shops/eats/drinks/great view of downtown, the Domain for trendy shopping/eating, the Oasis located at Lake Travis about 20-miles northwest of Austin for awesome vistas of the lake during sunset. If you're looking for places to eat that provide organic, natural, vegan, or even the typical burger Austin will have a local eatery that will provide the best of it. Places like: P-Terry's for great grass-fed Angus burgers at a great price; Central Market/Whole Foods for great dinning in or shopping for food singles or families;  Mangia for great pizzas; Alamo Drafthouse for a great "chill" movie/dinning experience; Maddam Ma'am's for awesome Thai food; Masala Wok for Indian dinning; and hundreds of others just to name a few. Austin prides itself on being "Local" so you'll be hard pressed to find a store chain within the city limits. It's just another thing that makes Austin more unique.