If after that big cleanout and going nuts with document shredding you are wondering just what to do with the shredded paper, then check out these ideas.   Is there any use for it?

Yes, there are a few uses for it that work well.  As long as you didn’t go nuts and start shredding plastic credit cards or the like, then there are many uses for it.

1.  To Kill Grass Under Mulch

This one works well.  I have always used newspapers around new shrubs or trees then layered mulch on top.  I was taught this trick by a landscaper as a way to get rid of grass without harming plants or creating erosion such as on hillsides or slopes.

You basically would cut the lawn short around the shrub or tree and then layer newspapers, well I also discovered piles of shredded paper work just as well.  Cut the grass,  then take your bag of shredded documents and pile it on the ground, it will look like a lot until you get it damp.  Keep it as compacted as you can and then have the hose nearby to slightly wet it down which compacts it more.

This stops it from blowing away and allows you to add more.  Make a good thick pile of the shredded paper on the grass you want to kill off and then add a layer of mulch on top.  This will kill off the grass below without disturbing your delicate plant roots.

What to do with shredded paperCredit: morguefile.com

This system works well between established shrubs that are getting harder and harder to weed in between.  You know those shrubs where the grass starts growing tall in between and you can’t get your lawnmower in there?  Use this shredded paper and mulch system and it will not only look neater but will get rid of that problem and stop the ground from drying out which helps to lower watering costs.

You may find your plants suddenly start growing faster and looking healthier as they retain water and nutrients in the ground and are no longer competing with the grass and weeds.

If you have a slope you are trying to plant with shrubs, you simply cut the grass short, plant your shrubs without having to take up the grass on the slope, and then start arranging piles of the shredded paper between them, wet it down then add the mulch.

2. Add to Your Compost Heap - Have Your Bills Pushing Up Daisies in the Garden

Keep a bag of paper shredding handy as a way to layer your compost.  After adding a bin of house hold peelings and veggies for example, then lay in a layer of the shredded paper, it breaks down in the compost and is good for the garden.  Since it is usually shredded quite fine it doesn’t take long to break down.What to Do with Shredded PaperCredit: morguefile.com

Something kind of neat about knowing your visa bill statement is pushing up tulips!

3.  Paper Mache

This can be used to make paper mache, it saves on having to rip up strips of newspaper!  Simply get it wet in a bowl and then add some white glue and form the dough into a shape and let dry.  You can make great fruit bowls and other crafts from the doughy substance it creates after getting it wet and mixing in white glue.  You work it like dough.

Start by organizing your office files and shred anything with personal information then use the shreddings for these projects.

If you have any shredded document paper left after that, you can simply send it to recycling.  Have fun!

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