rabbit pet hopping

What to do with a Rabbit Pet, Rabbit Hopping

You have this little cute rabbit you have grown attached to. The thought comes to your mind and you think, should I barbecue this pet rabbit or should I not. As disgusting as the thought of eating your pet rabbit might be, rabbit meat is quite delicious. If you are already bored with your pet rabbit, it is about time you do something about it.

Rabbit pet rabbit hopping

What is rabbit hopping? It is like a show jumping competition for pet rabbits. People bring along their pet rabbit to participate in the rabbit hopping competition. As the name rabbit hopping implies, if your rabbit cannot jump, the competition might not be for you. However, you should go to any rabbit hopping competition that is organized where you live. It might give you an idea of what to do with your rabbit pet. You can talk to people and gather enough information on what to do with your pet rabbit. You might be told that the breed of pet rabbit you have is best combined with onions and barbecue sauce.

Is rabbit hopping for everyone with a rabbit pet?

Well, before you starting putting your pet rabbit through the gruesome hopping training, you need to be aware of some facts. Not all pet rabbits are good for rabbit hopping competition. If you like rabbit and think that teaching your pet rabbit to do tricks is fun, you might want to make sure you are getting the correct breed. The best rabbit hopping breeds are said to be the smaller rabbit breeds with smaller ears. If you get the rabbit with huge ears, it might be a good listener but that breed will not be appropriate for rabbit hopping.

How long does it take to train a rabbit for rabbit hopping competition?

If you are doing it for the fun, there is no time specification as such. It will depend on the breed and the will of your rabbit. You also need to be aware of a fact; most champion rabbits that you see in rabbit hopping competition are cross breeds. Basically people find the best rabbits that are naturally good at jumping and then try to reproduce the breed. Instead of thinking of barbecue, why not try to train your pet rabbit to jump over small obstacles at home. Like most animal training, you have to be disciplined and you need to know what incentive works best for your pet rabbit. The final aim should not to participate in the rabbit hopping competition; it should be about getting your rabbit to do something different. You really want to show off your pet rabbit to friends by training it to hop around the garden.

Where to find competitions for rabbit hopping

Rabbit hopping is more popular in Denmark and to a certain extent in the United Kingdom. If there is no rabbit hopping in your area, why not start a pet rabbit hopping competition with some friends and see where that takes you.