Diabetes is on the rise, yet most cases are preventable with healthy lifestyle
changes. Some can even be reversed. Taking steps to prevent and control diabetes
doesn’t mean living in deprivation.  Diet is extremely important for those with Diabetes, following is a list of Healing Foods, to bring some relief to you in your search to reduce those sugar levels and stabilise them.

Healing Foods:-

String Bean - They help to keep blood sugar levels stable.

Brussel Sprouts - Reduce insulin problems and are very useful for people with syndrome x.

Carrot - Contains an insulin-like compound and thus small amonts can be used.

Cherries - Have a low glycaemic Index (GI) and are therfore a good fruit for those with diabetes.

Turnip Leaves - Excellent for diabetics.

Garlic - Has a significant efeect in loweing blood sugar levels.

Bitter Lemon - Lowers blood sugar levels and has benificial results in the regulation of blood sugar.

Cinnamon - may help control your blood sugar, studies have shown taht it can enhance the activity of insulin.

Pycnogenol  - is a registered trademark for a proprietary extract of the bark of the French Maritime Pine Tree, It is a natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune stimulating properties.  In addition to lowering blood sugar, it also appears to attack several of the problems associated with diabetes, including leaking blood vessals in the eyes, that can cause vision loss, elevated blood pressure and poor performance of the inner linings of the blood vessals throughout the body.

Blond Psyllium - Contains the most mucilage, mucilage helps control blood glucose by slowing the digestion and absorption of nutrients, which in turn slows the passage of glucose into the bloodstream.

Chromium - A mineral that works with insulin to help cells take up fuel from the bloodstream and release energy.

Fenugreek - Studies show that "adjunct use of fenugreek seeds inproves glycemic control and decreases insulin resistance in patients.  Also glucose levels also declined, as did the level of sugar in the urine.  Researchers concluded "The fenugreek significantly reduced fasting blood sugar and improved the glucose tolerance test.

Glucomannan - Is a soluble dietry fiber derived from Konjac Flour.  Studies have shown that it "improved metabolic control beyond the effect of conventional treatment alone."  It reduced blood levels of fructosamine and reduced blood pressure, also fasting glucose levels fell.

Guar Gum - A soluble dietary fiber taht comes from the seed of the Guar plant.  Researchers have found that Guar Gum improved long-term control of blood sugar, "after eating' clearance of blood sugar and blood fat concentrations.

Eat grains in the least-processed state possible -  “unbroken,”
such as whole-kernel bread, brown rice, and whole barley, millet, and wheat
berries; or traditionally processed, such as stone-ground bread, steel-cut oats,
and natural granola or muesli breakfast cereals.