Here is a list of Healing Foods and a list of Foods to Avoid for suffers with Acne.  These foods can be eaten raw or cooked, and best way is if you juice them raw.

Your Healing Foods are:-

Dandelion leaves/Spinach - are great for improving liver function, which is important in all skin disorders.

Carrots - are high in beta-carotene, which aids skin repair, and is excellent for problems. 

Carrot juice - helps dissolve the toxins and impurities clogging up the liver.  Sometimes these impurities are released in such quantaties, that the intestinal and urinary organs, are unable to cope with the overflow, and they are therefore passed into the lymph, for discharge through the pores. 

Beetroot/Celery - have a cleansing action.

Watercress leaves - These are an excellent cleanser of the liver and skin.

Ginger Root and Garlic - Natural antibiotic for the whole body.

Pineapple - Has an anti-inflammatory property.

Berries - Excellent general tonic and skin cleanser.

Cabbage - Good skin cleanser in cases of acne and skin infections.

Citrus Fruit - Powerful anti-oxident with anti-ageing properties, improves collagen formation and tone.

Cranberry - Is an excellent cleanser and skin tonic.

Cucumber - Anti-inflammatory, rich in its content of silica, which is benificial for the skin.

Grapes - Support function and improves the complextion.

Grapefruit - Great for skin problems.

Mango - Enhances appearance and healing.

Peaches - Improves the complextion.

Strawberries - Excellent cleanser.

Olive Leaf Extract - Reduces skin infections.

Some useful supplements are Zinc, Vitamin E and Selenium, and can reduce scaring and Acne itself.


The eating of refined sugars, full cream dairy products and deep fried foods, will all worsen the Acne. Food that is high on the glycemic index, salty and/or glutenous (baked goods, chips, anything white) affects the blood sugar and hormone levels. Like sugar, these edibles also lead to excess insulin and thus acne-causing bacteria build-up.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY  - I recommend Diluted Tea Tree Oil, it is very cheap and fantastic to bath the acne with, stings like putting aftershave on it though.

Hope these lists of foods, help you plan a new way of eating, to improve your acne everyday.