What foods to eat to lose weight?

We are all looking for ways to lose weight fast. However the interesting fact is that we don’t know what to eat to lose weight. We therefore go for all kinds weight loss diets without necessarily having enough information on how effective such diets are in making us shed the extra pounds.

Some of us are even using weight loss pills and end up being frustrated when we don’t get the desired results as fast as we would have hoped for. Little do most of us know that we can lose up 10 pounds in a week from eating cabbage soup.

Cabbage, the main component of the cabbage diet soup requires more calories to get digested as compared to other foods that are in the same category such as Kale and other leafy vegetables. If you are looking for what to eat to lose weight then you need to start concentrating on foods that have a glycemic value.

There is an array of foods that are low in glycemic content that have low calories and are highly nutritious as well. While you may want to lose weight fast, it is important to be aware of risk factors that come with some of these foods.  

You can for instance avoid spikes in consuming low or high GI foods since research has it that they can lead to health complications such as stroke. If you looking to eat other than the cabbage diet  here is a list of foods that contain a glycemic level of about 15 or less:

· Green Kales

· Cucumber

· Eggplant

· Lettuce

· Summer squash

· Tomatoes

· Peanuts

· All varieties of pepper

· Zucchini

· Snow peas

· Spinach

· Green beans

· Cauliflower

· Skimmed milk

· Broccoli

· Artichoke

· Asparagus

All the above listed foods will come in handy when seeking to supplement your diet soup and will without doubt help you lose weight fast.

Having a Diet Plan For Your Weight Loss

Diet Plan for Weight Loss…Apart from knowing what to eat, you need to come up with a diet plan in order to be successful in order to lose weight. The reason why most people are not successful with crash diets is because they don’t have a clearly set out road-map to follow before they embark on the mission to lose weight. They therefore fall by the way side and as a result they continue being overly overweight.

That nearly all crash diets are tasteless is not in doubt, however in order to remain on course to losing weight, the following tips will certainly come in handy.

>>> 1. Appreciate that the loss of weight is only sustainable in the short term with crash diets. In a nutshell you will gain back weight relatively fast. This is due to the reason that you lose what is referred to as water weight but not fat. If you get into a crash diet with hopes of permanent weight loss then you will end up being disappointed. Start with the  soup for a few days to mark the initial boost to your long term weight loss efforts.

>>> 2. Add Extra Vegetables: While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the cabbage, it will mainly provide your body with fewer nutrients than your body needs. There are other vegetables that are equally low in vitamins and minerals. They would spruce up the otherwise dull menu. Some of these vegetables are outlined above.

>>> 3. Eat the soup as an appetizer to the regular meals. When on the quest to how lose weight in a week meals tend to look depressingly small. You can therefore use your cabbage diet soup to make the dining experience appear longer and satisfying.

>>> 4. Lace the soup with some proteins: One of the most shocking facts about the cabbage diet soup is that it lacks essential proteins that the body requires. Many cabbage soup enthusiasts prepare large pots of the  soup and forget that they soup does not offer much in terms of proteins. They concentrate on being satisfied rather than on what to eat to lose weight.

If you prepare large amount of the cabbage diet soup, adding a small portion of proteins mostly in form of skimmed milk, cheese, and sandwich would provide the much needed proteins to the soup.

>>> 5. The remains at the base of the cooking pot can be used to make more substantial stews. The cabbage diet soup broth can be used to prepare other stews that can be used for the lunch or even dinner. You can use the broth to prepare a healthy substitute to fattening creams for instance.

>>> 6. Keep the amount of salt limited. Depending on the ingredients used, some cabbage spices are laced with enough sodium. If you are using the soup as a pre meal course don’t forget to measure the salt with a teaspoon to make such sure the soup isn’t excessively salty. A diet that has excessive salt can lead to bloating.

>>> 7. Don’t consume the cabbage soup before lunchtime. Most cabbage soup enthusiasts are eating the soup even when the body is in need of more nutrients especially during the day. What you consume for breakfast goes a long way in dictating what your body craves for the remainder of the day. It is therefore advisable to consume some fruits, whole wheat and proteins to supplement the liquid based diet.

>>> 8. It’s not a bad idea to replace the bowl of cabbage soup with a protein plate or water. Consuming one type of food can be unhealthy, boring not to mention that it can have detrimental effects on the body. If you consume more than one bowl of the cabbage diet soup, you may consider swapping it with a bowl of water or some healthy snacks laced with proteins

With these tips on how to make sure you lose weight from consuming cabbage diet soup, the biggest question then becomes, does cabbage diet soup work? Yes it does! But only on the short term, for a long lasting weight loss, you need to embark on other weight loss procedures like regular exercises and eating healthy diets.