Your first rencontre sur internet may be a little daunting at first. Over time, the novelty of the experience will fade and dating online will become easier. Before beginning your online dating experience, research several sites to determine which sites attract the type of individuals you are seeking to date. Each dating site possesses its own personality. Some individuals prefer variety. Other individuals prefer to remain in their own social circles. Select the dating site that most conforms to your personality.

Signing Up for a Dating Site

When you sign up for a dating site, several questions will be asked to determine your compatibility with potential dates. Potential daters will be asked their age, orientation, religious preferences, occupation, birth date, political inclinations, interests, physical attributes, ethnicity, and a host of other preferences. Once you enter this information, depending upon the site, a series of potential matches will be recommended or you can select from a general pool of daters.

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Showing Interest

Online daters begin by showing their interest via an email, chat or sending a sign of interest. If the other person is also interested, the two will schedule a rencontre sur internet. This particular portion of the date may be challenging. At this point in the date, there is a certain degree of anonymity between you and the person. Therefore, the person may have opportunity to deceive you. However, keep an open mind and encourage open conversation. This will ensure that the person you get to know on the other end is authentic and truthful.

Have several conversations with your online date. This may take place over a couple of weeks or months. Contrary to popular belief, internet dating takes time. Typing requires more time than talking for most people. Additionally, internet dating requires more time than dating in person typically. However, a major advantage of rencontre sur internet is cost savings. Infatuation is also less of a factor, if the person is honest.

Internet dates may focus more on the cerebral aspect of dates rather than the physical attributes. However, some daters will always find a way to incorporate the physical and sexual through photographs and conversations. If this makes you uncomfortable, steer the conversation elsewhere. Online daters who persist may always be blocked from contact.

Conversation Topics

Conversations may typically begin with the basics about a person, as a normal date would:

• Where are you from?
• I noticed that your interests were "x, y, z"? How did you become interested in those activities?
• How old are you?
• Are you from a large or small family?
• Do you like to travel? If so, where have you traveled to?
• What types of places do you visit on dates?
• What type of food do you like?
• Are you an early bird or a night owl?

The questions should be benign, but allow you to get to know your date well. Ask questions that will allow you to know whether you would like to meet the person face-to-face or whether you would prefer the conversation remain online.

Depending upon the success of your online date, the dialogue could last anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. Be cognizant of your date's schedule and time constraints. You do not want to appear over-zealous on the first date. The person may perceive your persistence as trying too hard, needy, or other undesirable attributes. However, if the date is going well and you both are having a nice time, do not cease conversation if you both would like to continue.

Rank the Date

Afterwards, rank the date. Some online dating sites will allow daters to rate the date online. Other online dating sites may require you to rate the date independent of the site. However, make notes about your likes and dislikes of the dating experience. As you progress to the next date, you will be able to compare and determine which individuals you would like to meet in person. Do not rush the physical meeting. Get to know a person online and on the phone, if possible, before a rencontre in person. This will avoid meeting with someone online who is a stalker or just not compatible with you as an individual.

Safety Precautions

Online dating is good and bad because of the anonymity. Keep in mind that some people will abuse the process and create a negative experience for those who are sincere about rencontre sur internet. If you feel uncomfortable about the person's conversation online, simply decide to end the conversation. Politely inform the person that you do not feel compatible and disconnect from the forum. Online dating is like dating in person. If you meet a person and you dislike them, you will leave. The same is true about online dating. Use good judgment and the experience should be positive for all parties involved.